What is Yashad Bhasma, what are its benefits in Ayurveda

Yashad Bhasma is made up of two words, Yashad+Bhasma.
Yashad is also known as  Znic in English. Zinc is an essential element for the human body, its deficiency causes many types of problems in the body, mainly it is very beneficial for the male reproductive system.

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The meaning of Bhasma is ash, that is, the substance obtained after burning is called ash.
Yashad Bhasma means zinc ash.

Zinc is converted into healthy ashes after passing it through several Ayurvedic methods and heating it at a certain temperature. Which we know by the name of Yashad Bhasma.
The chemical name of Yashad Bhasma is Zinc Oxide.

There is a lot of difference in the properties of Zinc Oxide prepared in the lab and Zinc Oxide prepared by ancient Ayurvedic methods i.e. Yashad Bhasma.

To prepare Yashad Bhasma in Ayurvedic way, cow urine, cow milk, special types of soil and neem etc. are required. Only then it reveals its medicinal properties. Although there are many methods of preparing Yashad Bhasma today, the Yashad Bhasma prepared by these methods has many medicinal properties.

Benefits of Yashad Bhasma

  •      The effect of Yashad Bhasma is cooling, and it is considered to be an antidote to bile. It works to cool the heat of the body.
  •      Yashad Bhasma is considered as semen enhancer.
  •      It is used to calm the mind.
  •      It is very effective for increasing physical strength.
  •      It cures Pandu disease (jaundice).
  •      It is very effective in the problem of excessive sweating at night.
  •      It is considered very beneficial in urinary diseases.
  •      It works to end chronic fever.
  •      This thing is considered a sedative, it calms the wind.
  •      It is very beneficial in the initial stage of TV, in swelling of throat gland or in chronic swelling of throat.
  •      It is very beneficial in problems related to stool, urine and reproductive organs.
  •      It is very beneficial in different stages of diarrhea.
  •      It is beneficial in lack of sperm
  •      It is used in the problem of non-healing of wounds.
  •      It is beneficial in cholera
  •      It gives good results in the problem of burning sensation in the mouth, change in taste, loss of appetite etc.
  •      It is beneficial in swelling of prostate, enlargement of prostate.
  •      Removes erectile dysfunction.
  •      Removes impotence.
  •      Removes weakness.
  •      It is used for frequent colds.
  •      It is cough and bile sedative.

Yashad Bhasma is also taken alone and in combination with other herbs, and in many other types of physical problems, Yashad Bhasma is also used in combination with other herbs, and health benefits are obtained.
Like  ---

  •       It is consumed with old ghee in the weakness of the eyes.
  •      Taking it along with coral pishti is beneficial in TV disease.
  •      Tridosha ends when taken with cinnamon.
  •      It is used with Kaunch seeds in sexual problems.
  •      In sore throat and swelling, it is used along with Praval Pishti, Sitopaladi Churna or Tulsi etc.
  •      If there is burning sensation in the stomach, then powder of jambule kernels and it is used with honey.
  •      Its use with Gokhru Churna is beneficial in urinary disorders.
  •      In such a number of problems, it is consumed with innumerable herbs.


Dosage and method of consuming Yashad Bhasma

You can take yashad bhasma mixed with one spoon of honey daily.
In normal condition, Yashad Bhasma should not be taken more than 40 mg per day. You can take 40 mg Yashad Bhasma after dividing it in two parts in the morning and evening after 40 minutes of having food. It is the most suitable time and quantity for you.

According to your health problem, on the advice of the doctor, you can add 60 mg to 250 mg of Yashad Bhasma daily in your diet.

You can take 40 mg daily mixed with honey for 21 days. After that you leave one week and then use it for 21 days. If you get health benefits, then after that you can stop taking it in between.
Keep in mind that there are 1000 milligrams in 1 gram.

Yashad Bhasma side effects

The health benefits of Yashad Bhasma are innumerable. But taking it irregularly can also harm you a lot.

Taking Yashad Bhasma continuously for a long time is also very harmful. That's why before taking more quantity and continuously for more days, consult Ayurvedacharya.

This medicine should be kept well away from the reach of children
It should not be given to children without doctor's advice, it is appropriate to use it only under doctor's supervision.

If taken in excess or for a long time, all its advantages can be turned into disadvantages, such as---
  •      There may be anemia in the body
  •      May reduce the amount of good cholesterol in the blood
  •      infinity problem
  •      Weakness can be felt in the body
  •      Fatigue problem may appear
  •      increased risk of prostate cancer
  •      There is a deficiency of copper in the body.
  •      nausea
  •      change in taste of mouth
  •      go stomach ache
  •      Effect on kidney.
There may be other problems.


Yashad Bhasma is a medicine made from elements. Which has countless benefits, but it is very important to take doctor's advice before taking it.

It is advisable to use it only under the supervision of an expert. Do not take it for more than 21 days on your own advice and its quantity should not be more than 40 mg in 1 day.

Consuming it in excessive quantity on one's own advice and using it continuously for more days can be harmful. You may suffer loss instead of profit. 

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