Gokhru Tablets | Gokhru Churna | Advantages | how to eat Where to Buy - Complete Information

 Gokhru (Bunions) is an Indian medicine. The benefits of bunions are especially for men. It is considered very beneficial for men. The identification of bunions is very easy. The shape of the fruit of this medicine is like a cow's hoof, hence it is called Gokhru or Gokshura. This is a wild medicine, which is found in abundance in Indian forests.

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A great feature of Gokhru is that it works to control Kapha, Vata and Pitta, which gives it a uniqueness.

The stem, leaves and fruits of the bun are used for all three medicinal purposes. Gokhru is not only useful in curing different types of diseases, but it has proved very effective in other problems as well.

Gokhru Tablets | Gokhru Churna | Advantages | how to eat Where to Buy - Complete Information

Benefits and Side effect of Gokhru

Gokhru is an Ayurvedic medicine which is also popular as a wild medicine. It is especially beneficial for men, and also beneficial for women. But if it is not used in limited quantity then it can also cause harm. That's why both the benefits of bunions and the Side effect of bunions are visible.

Gokhru Benefits  - Gokhru ke Fayde

Gokhru is available in the form of powder and gokhru tablets.
Gokhru is known as an aphrodisiac, it is also called aphrodisiac. Let us know how it is beneficial for both men and women, but the benefits of Gokhru are more for men (Benefits of Patanjali Gokhru Tablet).

  •      It works to repair the urinary system of both men and women.
  •      It is considered a diuretic.
  •      It stimulates sexual desires ie promotes libido.
  •      This ensures an increase in the production of the male sex hormones testosterone.
  •      Works to increase the sperm of men.
  •      It increases the vitality and motility of the sperms.
  •      Known to increase urine flow.
  •      It produces an increase in the physical strength of both men and women.
  •      It is beneficial in cold cough etc.
  •      It is considered very beneficial when stones are present in the body.
  •      Due to this our body remains strong and healthy.
  •      Helps to cure PCOD problem in women.
  •      Increases the flow of oxygen in the muscles, so it works to give strength to the body for the players.
  •      Due to more oxygen in the muscles, the erectile power of men also increases.
  •      Beneficial for the athlete doing bodybuilding.
  •      It is beneficial in skin related diseases.
  •      Gokhru is to rectify the disorders related to the male gland.
  •      It enhances the capacity of the brain. Reduces stress anxiety and depression. It helps in emitting elements that bring happiness to the mind.
  •      It works to activate the pituitary gland.
  •      Famous for anti aging effect.
  •      Reduces heart related diseases. 

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Side Effects of Gokhru

The disadvantages of Gokhru are not visible. Even after that you are advised to use it on the advice of an Ayurvedacharya.

Patients with high blood pressure need to be careful while taking Gokhru tablet powder. Due to its use many times, the problem of allergy is seen in some special people.

Young children, pregnant women, lactating women should avoid consuming Gokshura. In these situations it can be somewhat harmful.

Some people see problems like flatulence or loss of appetite due to its use.

The side effects of Gokhru are mainly seen only when taken in irregular quantity or in excess.

How to eat Gokhru

The stem, leaves and fruits of the bun are used as medicines. That's why there are different ways of taking it.

  •      Gokhru powder can be boiled in water and used.
  •      Buckwheat extract is also available in the market, it can also be used. By applying the extract of Gokhru on the skin, one can also get rid of skin related problems.
  •      It can also be drunk by making a decoction of the stem or leaves of the bun.
  •      Gokhru tablet can be taken with water in the morning and evening, half an hour after having food.

How much gokhru should be consumed

Your Ayurvedacharya will decide for you the quantity of Gokhru as per your requirement.
Gokhru extract can be taken in tablet, natural form or in the form of a decoction.

Mainly bun powder or tablets are available in the market. It is also available naturally in the market.

In normal condition, you can consume half a teaspoon of powder or one teaspoon of gokhru fruit by boiling it in 250 milligrams of water, or you can use one tablet in the morning and evening.

Gokhru Price

Gokhru is not a very expensive medicine, it is available from ₹ 70 per 100 grams to ₹ 25 per 100 grams at present.
If you buy the quantity of 100 grams or buy the quantity of 500 grams, then there is a difference in the price.
Gokhru tablets are available in the market at a price ranging from ₹ 3 to ₹ 6 per tablet. The tablet can also be prepared with the help of some other Ayurvedic medicines. For this reason, there is a lot of difference in its price.

Where to Buy Gokhru Powder or Tablets

You can also buy Gokhru products from your local Ayurvedic herbal seller. Here you can get this herb at a very cheap price.

  You can also buy bunions online as a product of many well-known companies. Pure gokhru fruit or powder is easily available to you online.

Gokhru is a natural herb. That's why it is very difficult to know its purity. That's why you should try to buy from a branded product seller only. Because big branded sellers always try to take care of purity. Mainly you also get its expiry date.
Buying an unopened product may affect its quality.

Big sellers sell it all over the country. That's why there is always the highest possibility of getting the product fresh here.

You can also buy this product online from any branded shopping portal. Here you have to keep in mind that the shopping portal provides you with a return policy and also takes care of the quality.

You can buy all this from websites like Flipkart or Amazon. Here you also get user reviews about the product, and the same product is available with all the companies. Where you can get good product in low price.

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