Signs of depression in children

Children can also be a victim of depression mainly due to stress or chemical imbalance. Children should consult a doctor soon after seeing symptoms of depression.

Depression is a disorder whose victims can be not only older but also children. Many times children fall prey to depression despite a normal lifestyle. The main cause of depression in children is not stress but the deterioration of the balance of chemicals in the brain. Some symptoms can be identified with the help of a child suffering from depression.
In such a situation you should take care of the mental health of the child so that they can emerge from a serious problem like depression. Let us know what are the signs of depression in children.

Depression signs: The following are the signs of depression in children

Having trouble understanding
Stay sad
Not feeling sleepy
Lose weight
Fatigue and lack of energy

Signs of depression in children


1. Having trouble understanding

Due to the lack of chemical balance in the mind, the child has difficulty in thinking, understanding, and is not able to take decisions easily. In such a situation, the child often feels difficulty in meditating and is unable to decide anything by himself.

2. Living The sad

Depression has a bad effect on mental health and thus children often feel depressed. If your child remains depressed for a long time and becomes unnecessarily irritable, then it is a sign that he has become a victim of depression.

3. Don't sleep

Insomnia is the main symptom of depression. Due to which children do not sleep and often face trouble sleeping. If your child is suffering from sleeplessness for a long time, then he may suffer from depression.

4. Weight loss

Depression affects everyday processes. Because of which there is no appetite and weight starts to decrease. Children growing up due to depression are unable to gain the necessary weight.

5. Fatigue and lack of energy

Depression often causes a person to lack energy. If your child has been feeling tired and lacking in energy for a long time, then he may be a victim of depression.

All these signs indicate that your child is a victim of depression and needs to consult a doctor.

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