Rules of meditation - Meditation ke niyam

Some methods or rules of meditation or meditation rules are as follows:

  • Choose the right time to meditate. The time from 4 am to 4 pm is the best. It is believed that at this time the angle between the sun and the earth is 60 degrees and sitting at this time meditating has a good effect on the pituitary gland or pineal gland.


Rules of meditation - Meditation ke niyam

  • Practice in a quiet place where there is no one to distract you.
    Sit in a comfortable position. Your seating position also makes a difference. Feel yourself calm, relaxed, and stable.

  • Keep your spine straight and sit upright. Do not over-stretch your shoulders and neck or keep it loose. Keep it in the normal state.

  • Try to have an empty stomach during exercise. The best time to meditate at home or in the office is before meals. There is laziness to meditate after a meal. However, when you are very hungry then it is not necessary to meditate. You should have your meal first because in this situation you will be focused on eating.

  • Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes.
  • If it is cold, do some exercise first. Doing a little body heat exercise or yoga practice before meditation improves blood circulation. It removes the restlessness and laziness of the body.
  • Take a deep breath. It is always good to do yoga that improves blood flow in the blood vessels, along with deep breathing, as well as some pulse correction pranayama.
  • Keep a slight smile on your face while meditating. It helps you to concentrate on rest, peace, and meditation.
  • Keep your eyes closed while sitting and meditating. This does not distract the mind while meditating.
  • After the practice is over, slowly open your eyes. Now try to feel the energy inside you. You will appreciate refreshment.

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