Know how many types of meditation

There is no right or wrong way to meditate, you just have to do exercises that are important to you and enhance your personality. There are several types of meditation, six of them are as follows:


Know how many types of meditation

1. Vipassana meditation

Vipassana is the most important method of meditation. Its purpose is to concentrate for mental peace. Breath is used in this process. With regular practice you will start to understand your thoughts and understanding the thoughts helps you to understand yourself.

This type of meditation is good for those who have no one to guide them, as it can be practiced alone and easily.

2. Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation is used in many religions such as Hinduism etc. It is similar to praying. In this, while worshiping, you feel peace around you and feel connected to God or the universe.

Spiritual meditation can be practiced at home or place of worship. This practice is beneficial for those who like a quiet environment and need only a little spiritual development.

3. Focused meditation

Concentrated meditation seeks to bring concentration using any of the five senses. For example, you can focus on anything internal, such as breath, by aiming or by counting something external, such as beads of garland or looking at a candle flame.

This exercise may sound simple, but it can be difficult for newcomers to do this meditation for more than a few minutes. If your mind wanders, then practice again.

As the name suggests, this practice can be useful for anyone who needs extra focus in their life.

4. Movement meditation

Most people start imagining yoga in the name of dynamic meditation. This practice may include walking in the forest, gardening, qigong (breath control in Qigong-China), and other dynamic activities. It is an active form of meditation where these activities guide you.

Dynamic meditation is good for those who find peace in doing something and also like to keep it running to give peace to their mind.

5. Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is prominent among other techniques of meditation, including Hindu and Buddhist traditions. To meditate and calm the mind, this type of meditation involves the repeated utterance of a word, sentence, or sound such as "Om" most commonly used in the process.

After chanting the mantra for some time, you will feel more agile and strong. By doing this meditation you will experience peace of mind and purity more deeply.

Some people find mantra meditation easier because they find chanting a word easier than focusing on the breath. It is also a good practice for those who do not like peace at all.

6. Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation is the most popular type of meditation worldwide. And this has been studied most scientifically. To practice this mantra is more favorable than meditation, it is also done by using mantra or words which are necessary for meditation.

This practice is useful for those who are serious about continuing the practice of meditation, that is, really want to do meditation.

There are 6 types of meditation methods. According to data, more than 100 methods of meditation are available.

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