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 Shatavari Kalpa  is a medicine prepared from Shatavari. In which Shatavari is taken as the main ingredient and mixed with other medicines to prepare Shatavari Kalp.

Different companies prepare Shatavari Kalpa (powder) in different ways by mixing some different herbs with Shatavari and greatly enhancing their properties.

Shatavari Kalpa benefits

Shatavari Kalpa contains all the benefits of Shatavari, as well as wonderful benefits of other herbs are also obtained from Shatavari Kalpa. Let us know what are the benefits of Shatavari Kalpa.    

  •      It works to increase the milk in the breasts of the woman.
  •      strengthens the immune system,
  •      Helpful in fetal development of pregnant women but use in limited quantity,
  •      reduce fat,
  •      remove hangover,
  •      Helpful in preventing cancer
  •      Rich in anti aging properties, the person using it looks younger.
  •      Removes minor problems from the skin,
  •      Removes digestive problems. Problems like gas, acidity indigestion are removed,
  •      Can increase the weight of thin women,
  •      It also helps in reducing the increased weight after pregnancy.
  •      Enriched with powerful antioxidant properties
  •      The person who uses it gets good sleep,
  •      helps to keep the mind relaxed,
  •      Strengthens the male sex hormones testosterone,
  •      Removes the problem of low sperm count in men,
  •      Increases stamina of men
  •       Strengthens mental and physical mental power,
  •      increased libido,
  •      It works to balance the hormones of both men and women.

Ingredients of Shatavari Kalp

Shatavari Kalpa is mainly prepared from Shatavari. Within the Shatavari Kalpa you


etc. quantity will be received. a little to taste


etc can be

How much Shatavari Kalp Churna to take in 1 day

Asparagus has a cooling effect. That's why eating it in the summer season is considered very beneficial. You can take Shatavari Kalp with half teaspoon in the morning and half teaspoon in the evening with milk or luke warm water daily.

For how many days can you eat Shatavari

Shatavari or any other herb can be used continuously for 40 days. If necessary, on the advice of Ayurvedacharya, you can increase it for 3 months, but your Vaidya will decide its quantity for you.

Who should not take Shatavari

The person who has heart disease should avoid taking Shatavari.
Although it helps to keep the heart away from disease, but this is only when you do not have heart disease, but if you have disease, then avoid taking it or take it on the advice of a doctor.

Can I take Shatavari on my own advice

Asparagus vegetable is also used, it is a cold food item. Asparagus capsules, tablets, powder and syrup etc. are available in the market. You can take it in limited quantity on your own advice.

If you use it after consulting an Ayurvedacharya, then its benefits will be more and it will be considered safer for you.

Who can use Shatavari Kalp?

Shatavari Kalp is a good immune booster product. It can be used by men, women and children.

It works to provide mental and physical strength.
At present its price is also very affordable. You can easily get this 500 grams of Shatavari online for Rs.350 to 400.

If you buy it from your local herbalist, it can be available at a lesser price too.

Best Shatavari Kalp Products

All of the products below have been rated 4 out of 5 or higher by their users.

Dhootpapeshwar Shatavari Kalp

धूतपापेश्वर शतावरी कल्प

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Panch Shakti® Shatavari Kalp Granules | Saffron Cardamom Flavor

पंच शक्ति ® शतावरी कल्प ग्रेन्युल्स | केसर इलाइची स्वाद

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Arkshala Shatavari Kalp

अर्कशाला शतावरी कल्प

Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Shatavari Kalp

शारंगधर फार्मास्युटिकल्स शतावरी कल्प

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The above Shatavari Kalpa (Kalpa) products are considered to be of extremely high quality. These are products manufactured by all Indian Ayurvedic companies.

If you wish to examine the range of even more Shatavari Kalp products, you can visit the link given below to view more products.

You can read the customer reviews about them, and then get the best quality product for yourself at the lowest price.

50+ Shatavari Kalp Products (LINK)

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