Yoga is part of the Lifestyle, Adopt it

Today, on the 21st of June, when Yoga Day is celebrated very loudly all over the world, Yoga is not only the process of bending certain parts of the body or turning the parts of the body into a special posture, but it is a lot. Because if there is any most important thing we should know about this subject, it is that yoga is more than just a means of keeping the body healthy.
It is the art of living, that is, the lifestyle,
Is a complete medical practice,
Its ultimate goal in our scriptures is salvation,
And this is the complete path to achieve that goal.

In fact, Yoga is an invaluable gift from the Indian culture to the entire humanity, which establishes harmony between body and mind, work and thought, restraint and satisfaction and man and nature, health, and well-being.

It is a matter of pride for every Indian that as a result of the efforts of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi since 2015, Yoga Day is celebrated loudly in every corner of the world on 21 June. It is also interesting to know that when the draft was presented by India in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, it received the support of 177 member countries out of a total of 193 members. Every year since then, the date of June 21 has forever occupied a special place in the pages of history.
But do we know why the date of June 21 was chosen to spread the flag of Indian Yoga all over the world? Is it just a coincidence or is there some science behind it? So it will be interesting to know that there are many solid reasons for choosing the date of June 21. We all know that this is the biggest day of the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere, and from this day the Sun changes its position and becomes Dakshinayan.

But most importantly, it was the day when Adi Guru Lord Shiva gave the knowledge of yoga to the Saptarishis. It can be said that on this day yoga science had descended on the earth, and therefore there could not have been any other day better than this to celebrate World Yoga Day. When the first Yoga Day was celebrated in India in 2015, Prime Minister Modi and dignitaries from 84 countries participated and 21 Yogasanas were performed in which 35985 people participated together.
But in the midst of all these things, we should not forget that when we say that yoga brings not only the body but also the purification of mind and soul to bring us closer to nature, God and ourselves, they also know that 'Yogasana', "Ashtanga Yoga" is only a part of it.
The yoga that enters the body and touches the mind and soul is more than rugs. It can be achieved by following Yama and Niyam, control of breaths i.e. life force, renunciation to external things, pranayama, dharna i.e. concentration, meditation i.e. contemplation and finally samadhi from yoga to salvation. It is unfortunate that most of the youth of the country who have been witnessing yoga education for centuries, today are suffering from diseases like diabetes and blood pressure at an early age due to modern lifestyle and poor eating habits. But the good thing is that by incorporating yoga into your routine, making it a part of your lifestyle, not just these diseases can be won. Rather, it can be kept healthy both physically and mentally.

And there can be no better gift for any country that its youth is full of health, vigor, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm. So go ahead, include yoga in your life, and contribute to the progress of the country.

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