Stress and Yoga in Modern Lifestyle

What is the importance of yoga in modern lifestyle And why is stress becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. To understand this, we have to take a look at our lifestyle. Nowadays our lifestyle has deteriorated so much that due to its many problems are being faced in life. One of the main problems is stress. In fact, we have increased our desires, our aspirations so much, that we work hard day and night to fulfill it, and start keeping high expectations from others.

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Our lifestyle has deteriorated due to our desires. For this reason, we do not have the senses of eating and drinking, nor do we have the senses of sleeping or waking up. Neither do we have time to take care of the body. We have finished everything on our own, and when the desires are not fulfilled, our mind does not act, then we get stressed.

Stress and Yoga in Modern Lifestyle


Stress has become a common problem in today's bustling life. From small to big, today every third person is struggling with this problem. A state of tension occurs when we start taking pressure and thinking negatively on every aspect of life. This problem hurts physically as well as emotionally. A person suffering from this is neither able to work properly nor enjoy his life openly. Due to the bad effect on the style and relationship, the desire to live in it also ends. It is evident that most people under stress move towards suicide.

What happens stress

It is natural for a person to be depressed or depressed, but when this feeling remains for a long time, then understand that he is in a state of tension. It is a mental disorder in which a person does not like anything. He finds his life dull, empty, and full of sorrows. Each person can be stressed for different reasons. This problem arises due to excessive pressure of something or work.

Women are more prone to stress

Stress affects women more than men. In the changing social environment, women are suffering from massive stress. They have the highest number of working women. While domestic women are stressed by the home environment, working women are suffering from stress due to both domestic and external reasons.

Symptoms of stress

- Insomnia.
- Increased blood pressure.
- Feeling tired.
- Do not digest food properly.
- Poor health.
- Heartbeat fast.
- Headache.
- The weakness of the immunity system.
- Thinking of suicide.
- Disappointment.
- Do not mind in any work.
- Getting angry or aggressive on small talk.
- Irritability.

Main causes of stress

- No career growth.
- Excess of workload and responsibilities of the office.
- Cracks in marital, love, and family relationships.
- Rapid weight loss or increase.
- Financial troubles.
- Because of chronic or serious illness.
- Excessive consumption of intoxicants.
- Say no to anything.
- Use of medicine for simple illness.

Do not eat more under stress

You must have often noticed that when you are angry or stressed, you start eating more food. The food does not taste good at that time, but nothing can be understood to calm the mind. During this time, by eating more, the fat gets accumulated slowly on the body. To get rid of this habit, drink enough water, talk to friends, and relax. Apart from this, you can also take part in any activity, during which you can avoid taking extra calories. Experts show that the prevention of excess calories not only protects you from stress but also protects you from many other diseases.

Do not take this problem lightly, because people living stressful life have serious diseases like cancer, lung disease, migraine, severe headache, fatal accident, liver problem, heart attack, hypertension, ulcers, high blood pressure, angina, and stroke. It can be vulnerable to.

What should we eat

Eat fruits rich in vitamin-C.
- Eat green leafy vegetables.
- Eat cashews and soaked almonds.
- Drink herbal tea.
- Eat dark chocolate.
- Eat oatmeal.

What not to eat

- Avoid oily things and junk food.
- Do not consume caffeine.
- Use sugar sparingly.
- Ignore Chips.

Ways to relieve stress

- To get rid of stress, first of all, make changes in your lifestyle.
- Do meditation and yoga. It will also keep you completely healthy mentally and physically.
- Stay with people who are happy and positive. Avoid getting up and down with negative people, as they can also be negative.
- Get plenty of sleep, but don't sleep too much. Set a time to sleep and wake up in the morning.
- Do not think or debate unnecessarily. This increases the tension even more.
- Share your concerns with friends and family. This will reduce your problems.
- Do not eat junk and oily food under stress conditions. Only eat a nutritious and balanced diet.
- Listen to relieving music. No loud music should be heard when stressed.
- Do not consume smoking and alcohol at all. Consuming them can make you feel relieved for some time, but later your problems will double.
- Do not stick to gadgets like mobiles, TVs, and laptops at all times.
- Do not do more work than physical capacity. Being in work for hours creates a state of tension.
Instead of thinking about problems, try to solve them.
- Go to a hill station. Here you will find peace and relaxation amidst natural beauty. Breathing in open and pure air helps to improve the mind-mind.
- Learn something new and creative.
- Take a head massage, gold, or steam bath. This will give relief to the mind.

It is necessary to contact the doctor

If you feel that you are under stress for a long time or are unable to overcome it, then it is necessary to contact the doctor. Long-term stress can make you a victim of a serious illness.

Can Yoga Reduce Stress?

If you bother to spend a little time with your busy lifestyle, then it will not be less than any treasure for you.

- It awakens your brain.
- Increases your patience
- Enhances your mental abilities.
- Increases your thinking power.
- brings peace of mind
- Enhances physical abilities

In such a situation, meditation and yoga can be a panacea for stress.

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