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Shatavari Churna, Shatavari Powder, Shatavari Capsule or Shatavari Tablet have many benefits for the body. Shatavar Churna is considered miraculous for both men and women. There are many such benefits of Shatavar Churna, which men or women often hesitate to discuss.

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Women can use Shatavari Churna for different needs in all stages from their youth to middle age and then to old age.

The same men can also use Shatavari Churna keeping in mind different types of needs from youth to old age.

Shatavari Churna is mainly beneficial in removing sexual problems and sexual weakness in men.

It balances the hormones of men, and also has the ability to balance the hormones of women.

Shatavari benefits for men

Asparagus is beneficial for men in many ways. It is considered a complete herb in itself. It can be used alone as well, and it can also be used by combining it with other types of herbs.

  •      Shatavari is very beneficial for men to increase their libido.
  •      Stimulates men's erectile power means staying in relation with woman for a long time.
  •      It increases the male sex hormones testosterone.
  •      The sperm count of men contributes significantly in increasing the sperm motility and vitality of the sperm.
  •      Impotence starts to end gradually.
  •      Anti-ageing means that by using it, age seems to decrease.
  •      Helps in increasing physical strength.
  •      Strengthens memory.
  •      Due to this anxiety, worry, tension etc. start going away.
  •      Inspires to emit elements that provide happiness in the brain. Depression goes away.
  •      Removes the problem of nightmares.

Benefits of Shatavari for women

The benefits of Shatavari Churna are very high for women also, it is very beneficial for women in every age.

  •      Increases the chances of becoming a mother for women Use it before conceiving pregnancy.
  •      Works to balance the hormones of women.
  •      Removes imbalance in women's period.
  •      Protects women from sexually transmitted diseases.
  •      Using after delivery works to increase milk.
  •      It is a source of antioxidants, so women are less afraid of minor infections.
  •      By applying Shatavari powder with milk or honey on the face, the wrinkles starts to disappear.
  •      Works for anti aging.
  •      Women can enjoy their sex life easily.
  •      It works to remove anxiety, stress and depression. The brain emits substances that provide happiness.
  •      Helps in keeping pregnancy healthy. There is folate inside it.
  •      Provides relief in migraine problem.
  •      Known to improve vaginal health.

Other Benefits of Shatavari

The benefits of Shatavari are innumerable. It is very beneficial for both men and women. Some benefits are common.

  •      Strengthens the digestive system.
  •      Slowly eliminates problems like gas acidity indigestion.
  •      Antioxidant properties destroy cancer cells.
  •      The body's immune system improves.
  •      Beneficial in dry cough.
  •      Beneficial for sexual diseases.
  •      Beneficial in piles.
  •      It is beneficial in cold and cough.
  •      It is beneficial to increase sexual power.
  •      Tremendous for diabetic patients.
  •      Protects against urinary tract infection.
  •      Mixing it with coconut oil and applying it on the wound heals the wound quickly.
  •      It is effective in treating kidney stones.
  •      Controls Castrol.
  •      It also controls blood pressure.
  •      Has blood purifying properties.
  •      In the problem of diarrhea, it is given along with other herbs.
  •      It is also used in the treatment of bronchitis.

Shatavari Products

Many companies prepare asparagus products such as asparagus products, asparagus tablets or capsules, etc. know more about them.

Shatavari Churna Patanjali

The benefits of Patanjali Shatavari Churna are the same, which have just been mentioned in this article. Patanjali provides you pure Shatavari powder. That's why you will get all its benefits according to the requirement of your body.

Shatavari Churna Patanjali

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Shatavari tablet Patanjali

Online Patanjali Shatavari tablet is searched a lot, but till now we have not received any such information that Patanjali prepares Shatavari tablet or capsule. It provides Shatavari powder in pure form only.

Some other Ayurvedic herb manufacturers offer Shatavari capsules or Shatavari tablets.

Himalaya Pure Shatavari Tablets

Himalaya Pure Shatavari Tablet is specially formulated for women only. It helps women on some points.

  •      These women control and restrain the hormones of these women.
  •      Shatavari helps the body recover from whatever trauma it has suffered after delivery.
  •      Asparagus is very beneficial for increasing milk.
  •      Shatavari is also known as female reproductive system tonic. 

Himalaya Pure Shatavari Tablets

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Dabur Shatavari Tablets for Women

 Dabur Shatavari Tablets for Women 


Shatavari capsule

Shatavari Tablets

Shatavari price

Shatavari powder price

The price of Shatavari powder ranges from ₹ 100 per 100 grams to ₹ 400 per 100 grams, you can see this onlline market.
In the market, you get the average price of Shatavari Churna ₹ 150 per 100 grams.
But in the local market you can get it at the rate of ₹ 100 per 100 grams.

Shatavari tablet capsule price

Shatavari capsules or Shatavari tablets are manufactured by branded companies. It contains a mixture of Shatavari as well as other beneficial herbs. You get the price of Shatavari tablet or capsule from ₹ 2 to ₹ 6 per tablet.

TIP:Local manufacturers can provide you cheap products but there is no guarantee of its purity. Products of branded companies are a bit expensive, but they do not compromise on quality, so try to buy only branded products.{alertInfo}

Bestseller Shatavari Churna Powder

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