Salam Mishri or Salam Panja benefits

Salam Panja or Salam Mishri is an Indian forest medicine found in hilly areas. It has the ability to remove any kind of weakness in men. That's why it is considered a very valuable and important medicine.

Salam Panja or Salam Mishri is also known as Desi Viagra. It is found in the high places of the mountain and in some areas of Tibet.

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Salam Panja is a well-known medicine in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. That's why it is not produced in India so much that it can fulfill its requirement in the medicines made in India. That's why it is also imported from countries like Iran and Afghanistan.

This medicine not only increases masculine power but also creates freshness and energy in the body. It has the ability to generate strength and energy like an athlete.

What is Salam Panja

The shape of this medicine is like a claw. That's why the word Panja is used in its name. Panja This is a Garhwali medicine. The botanical name of salam Panja is Dactylorhiza hatagirea.

The root of this plant looks like the Panja (claw) of a human hand. That's why it is also known as Hatthajdi. The height of this plant is between 25 to 30 cm. The tuber of this plant which grows in the ground is known for its medicinal properties.

Purple colored flowers grow on this plant which grows in cold climates, which look very beautiful. And the fruit is light pink in colour.

Nutritional Value of Salma Mishri or Salma Panja

In the roots of Salam Panja, glucoside loroglucin, starch, chloride, phosphate, chloride, mucilage, albumin, sugar and major active elements from dactylorin-A to dactylorin-E, dactyloses-A and B and lipids etc. are found.

It is rich in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Protein and potassium etc. are also present in Salam Panja, all these elements are very beneficial for health.

Salm Panja Benefits

Salam Panja is such a tuber which is used as a herb. Seafarers used Salma Panja as tea daily to balance their Kapha, Vata and Pitta. This shows its quality and its importance. It has hot effect in nature and is considered to be an antidote for phlegm.

Benefits of salma panja for men

As we have told you, Salma Panja is famous as Desi Viagra. It is full of debilitating, semen-enhancing and betting properties.

     According to an experiment done on rats, it has the ability to increase testosterone hormone, due to which many of its properties increase for the manly strength of men.

     Nowadays our life style has become very busy.
     Nor do we have time to eat,
     Nor do we have any time to sleep and wake up.
     The nutritional value of our food has also ended.
     Stress has become a permanent feature in our lives.

     In such a situation, it becomes a very simple thing for a man to have sexual problems. Often men are facing problems like nightfall, impotence, metal disease, premature ejaculation and lack of libido. Because of which life becomes boring.

To remove the sexual problems of men, different types of prescriptions which are made by Salam Panja are as follows.

- Take Salam Panja, black muesli, white muesli in equal quantity and make fine powder. Taking 5-5 grams with milk in the morning and evening ends sexual problems. It mainly increases libido and sex power.

- To remove the weakness of metal, prepare equal amounts of salam paw, asparagus and white muesli by grinding them finely and taking half a spoon with milk in the morning and evening will especially benefit you in metal disease. All other problems will also be fine.

Before using herbs for any problem of sexual power, it is very important to take care of some small things.

     First of all, control your lifestyle.
     Stop eating rich food and fried fried food in your diet.
     The main thing is you should not be constipated at all.

When you are constipated, your intestines are not able to get the nutrients of the herbs and they do not seem to be of much benefit. That's why you should not have constipation and during that time you should eat only light digestible food. So that the body has enough energy to digest the herbs.

Increase physical strength

This herb is considered very beneficial for increasing the physical strength of children, women and men. If children or women are weak, then they should use Salam Panja according to the advice of Ayurvedacharya, it is highly beneficial.

Other benefits

  • Salam paw has the ability to remove impotence.
  • Joint and muscle problems such as muscle strain, muscle pain, muscle weakness or muscle swelling, taking Salam Panja medicine on the advice of an Ayurvedacharya is beneficial in all these problems.
  • In TV disease, the person becomes very weak. Salam Panja medicine helps the body a lot in curing TV disease.
  • It is used to remove the deficiency of essential nutrients in the body during sea travel.
  • It is very beneficial in removing nervous system related problems.
  • Removes mental weakness.
  • If there is pain in the body, there is weakness, there is repeated tiredness, then by using it all these problems are removed.
  • It works to strengthen the digestive system.
  • Problems like gas, acidity are removed by using Salam paw.
  • It is also beneficial in preventing problems like ulcers.
  • It gives a lot of benefit in intestinal inflammation. Strengthens the intestines.

Side effect of Salam Panja

No such harm has come to the fore by using Salam Panja, which can be noted. If you use Salam Panja in limited quantity inside your diet, then it does not cause any harm.

Due to excessive use, various types of problems, which occur due to excess of nutrients, can be seen. All these problems can be different for different people.

Many times some people have seen the problem of allergy from Salam Panja.

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