Ginseng benefits for Men

Ginseng is a herbs (Jadi Booti) similar to Ashwagandha, which is found on a large scale in China and its surrounding countries. It is a herb that is used for strength.

Ginseng benefits for Men

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What is Ginseng 

Ginseng  is mainly a plant of China origin. It is also found in places like America and Siberia. It is being used as an Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It has many health benefits.
The benefits of ginseng are similar to those of Ashwagandha, that's why Ashwagandha is also called desi ginseng.

The root of the ginseng plant is used medicinally. This plant is mainly found in Vietnam, Korea, Nepal and China.

Ginseng has been used as a tonic for thousands of years. It is mainly of two types, one white Ginseng and the other red Ginseng .

White ginseng is purified by drying in the sun, and the same red ginseng is purified by cooking in steam.

This question comes a lot, what is the Hindi name of Ginseng.

Let us tell you that ginseng is not an Indian medicine. This is a foreign medicine. Whose properties are similar to Ashwagandha. That's why ginseng is known as ginseng in Hindi. There is no Hindi name for ginseng because it is not an Indian medicine. The Ayurvedic name of Ginseng is also Ginseng.

Ginseng Nutrition Value

Powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are found inside ginseng.

You also get vitamin C, iron, sodium, protein, potassium, fat, carbohydrate and some amount of calories inside it.

Along with vitamin C, it also contains vitamins B1, B2, B12 and folic acid in smaller amounts.

Two important compounds are found in ginseng, which are called ginsenosides and gintonin.

Benefits of Ginseng

As we have told that Ashwagandha is called Desi Ginseng. Its form, color and size are similar to ginseng, and its properties are also similar to ginseng.

This is considered a very good medicine for men. It is nothing less than a boon for the physical, mental and masculinity of men.


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Benefits of ginseng for men

Ginseng is also considered as the king of herbs. It is used as a main herb in Chinese medicine. It is known to increase the sexual power of men. It shows a positive effect on the sexual behavior of men. The nutrients found in it are very important for masculine power.

Sperm production and quality

For the last 25 years, continuous research is being done in many countries regarding the sperm quality of men. It is coming out in all the research that due to the effect of continuous environmental and lifestyle changes, the sperm quality of men is continuously decreasing.

The sperm count of men has also decreased by 25 to 30%. This in itself is a big fall.

In some Asian countries, ginseng is used extensively to increase the quality of sperm and their number.

The nutrients found inside it work to stimulate the testosterone hormone and speed up its manufacturing process.

Sperm quantity and quality

Ginseng not only affects the sperm production capacity, but it works to maintain both the quantity and quality of the sperm. This leads to an unprecedented increase in the ability of men to become fathers.

Due to proper amount of testosterone hormone and proper blood circulation and abundance of oxygen in the blood, the vitality of sperms increases.

Beneficial in sexual stimulation

One very special thing about ginseng is that it helps a lot in increasing blood circulation in the private part of a man, due to which the tension inside the penis can remain for a long time.

Increased libido

This medicine is very beneficial for those men who gradually start losing their desire for sex. Because due to the lack of testosterone hormones in the body, the desire for work also starts decreasing gradually.

It works to improve the amount of testosterone, so gradually the sexual desire also becomes normal.
Red ginseng works to increase the erectile power of men.

General Benefits of Ginseng

  • It has a positive effect on memory. It is beneficial in removing the problem of Alzheimer's.
  • Controls blood pressure, it works in both low blood pressure and high blood pressure problems.
  • Beneficial in removing heart related problems caused by Vata diseases.
  • It helps in keeping the blood vessel soft.
  • It is also considered beneficial in the problem of chronic bronchitis.
  • Its positive results are also seen in kidney health. Removes kidney problems.
  • Controls the problem of diabetes by controlling blood sugar.
  • It has also proved to be very effective in problems like arthritis.
  • Effective in pain.
  • Keeps the immune system strong. Because of this, minor problems like cough, cold, fever, flu do not bother you.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Its positive results have been seen in TB disease.
  • Helps to overcome the side effects of cancer chemotherapy
  • It plays a very important role in increasing physical strength. Because of this, the energy, freshness and energy remains in the body. Fitness level remains good. It is very beneficial for the players.
  • It releases relaxing substances from the brain. The problem of insomnia goes away.
  • Boosts Immune System.
  • Helps in increasing appetite.
  • With its help, weight can be controlled. That is, if it is more, it starts decreasing and when it is less, the weight also starts increasing.
  • You can use it for strong and healthy lungs.
  • Ginseng can also be used to increase the working capacity of the brain.
  • It helps in maintaining the energy level of a normal person.
  • It is also used to avoid aging effect.
  • It works wonderfully in internal inflammation inside the body.
  • You can use it to live a stress free life.

By using ginseng, the human body becomes less sensitive to diseases. The main reason for this is that because of this, the immunity of the whole body starts getting stronger. You can consider it as a complete herb or Ayurvedic medicine in itself.

Side effect of Ginseng

Any herb has many benefits here.

In some circumstances it is also harmful. Mainly herbs can harm you if they are not taken in the right quantity, such as---

Incorrect use of ginseng can lead to headaches, digestive problems, and sleep problems.

In the problem of high BP, ginseng should be used only with the advice of a doctor.

If you are already taking sugar medicine, then it works to reduce sugar. Sugar can be more or less. If you are taking sugar medicine, then consult the doctor, otherwise it may cause harm.

How to use ginseng

You can take it in the morning and evening by making tea of ginseng powder or you can also make tea of its root and drink it. However, it is not so easy to find its root inside India. Ginseng Tea is very useful for health issues.
As well as it can be used with coffee as well.
You get ginseng powder or ginseng capsules in the market. You can also use them with milk in the morning and evening. This is also a great way.

You can include 2 to 3 grams of ginseng powder daily in your diet. But it should be taken only in two to three times. Same you can include 1 to 2 capsules daily in your diet with the advice of Ayurvedacharya.

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