Black musli benefits for men

 Many medicines are used in Ayurveda to increase sexual power. Among them Musli is a major medicine. Safed musli is very popular, but black musli is also used for this purpose.

According to Ayurveda, white musli is very beneficial in many problems apart from sexual problems. But Kali Musli is mainly known for male sexual problems only.
It is also very effective in muscle weakness and urinary problems.

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Black musli benefits for men

What is black Musli

The botanical name of Kali Musli is Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.
It is also known by many other names such as -

Taalmooli, Nildhanaika, Musli, Syah Musli, Muslisyah, Black Musli etc.
Black Musli is bitter with sweetness in taste. Its leaves are like palm leaves, and yellow flowers come on it. That's why it is also called Swarna Pushpi or Hiranaya Pushpi.

The effect of Kali Musli is very hot, so it is advised to take it only on the advice of an Ayurvedacharya. Despite its hot effect, it is considered to increase Kaff. It is very beneficial in Vata and Pitta diseases.
The leaves, stem and root of black musli all have medicinal properties, and they are used in different ways in different kind of problems.

Benefits of black Musli

The main function of this Kali Musli is to solve the sexual problems of men. But even after this it works very well in many other problems as well.

Let's discuss about the benefits of Kali Musli -

Black Musli benefits for men

Kali Musli works not only on sexual problems but also on other problems related to urination and at the same time it works to strengthen the muscles.

Sexual problems also occur due to weakness of the muscles, and due to other problems related to urination, there can be problems in sexual activities. It works on sexual problems as well as on these. That's why it is considered very effective.

The weakness of tension in the penis is considered to be weakness in the muscles. That's why black musli is very effective in this problem.

The male sex organs and the organs related to the urinary system are almost the same. There is a lot of connection between the two. That's why sexual problems arise due to urinary problems. Kali Musli works well in problems related to urine.

Increases the sexual power of men. The meaning of sexual power is very broad in itself.

  •      sexual power ie having the right amount of libido in men
  •      sexual power means proper development of sperms in men
  •      impotence
  •      Sexual power i.e. not having problems like nightfall
  •      sexual power ie erectile power

  •      The sexual power of men is good only when there is a proper amount of male sex hormones testosterone in the body of men.
  •      The sexual power of men increases with the strength of muscles in the body of men.
  •      If the organs related to the sex are healthy, then the sexual power becomes strong.

In all these problems, muesli i.e. black muesli works like a panacea. Kali Musli works to increase the strength and quantity of the sex hormone testosterone.

Blood purifying properties

Many minor and major problems of the body arise due to the impurity in the blood. Antioxidants and other essential nutrients found in Kali Musli work to remove the impurity of the blood, due to which many problems start getting corrected automatically such as –

  •      Often, pimples, pimples, spots, rashes, eczema and many other types of problems arise on the skin. All these problems arise mainly due to impurity in the blood. All these problems are eliminated by using Kali Musli.
  •      Bad cholesterol inside the blood increases due to impurity in the blood, which is very dangerous for the heart.
  •      Due to blood purification, the problems of low blood pressure and high blood pressure start to be controlled.
  •      Due to blood purification, the body's immune system starts getting stronger.
  •      Due to blood purification, the amount of oxygen inside the blood increases. For this reason, a person always feels energetic. Feel the power. Freshness remains. The mind remains happy.

Other benefits of black Musli

  •      Black musli is also very beneficial in the problem of deafness.
  •      Beneficial in burning urine and other problems
  •      It is effective in problems like acidity, indigestion, abdominal pain etc. Because black musli controls bile and due to this these problems start ending. It works to keep the digestive system healthy.
  •      Due to the property of controlling Vata, problems like gas do not become a problem. Because of this, it gives relief in the pain caused by gas in the body. The pain that changes its place, gives relief in it.
  •      Eating black muesli mixed with basil is beneficial in kidney infection.

Side effect of Black Musli

There are no such disadvantages of Kali Musli, as they are of allopathic medicine. If you make the quantity of black muesli irregular, then some disadvantages can be seen.

Some people may have problems like nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea due to the use of black Musli.

If you are seriously suffering from these problems, then a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Some people may be allergic to Kali Musli. Because of this they get problems.

How to eat black Musli.

Kali Musli is not mainly used alone. It is given in combination with various other Ayurvedic medicines. Its effect remains more.

You should use it in any kind of health problem on the advice of Ayurvedacharya. You get the benefit of Ayurvedacharya's experience.

You can take 2 to 5 grams of muesli powder with water in the morning and evening. Its effect is more hot. That's why it is also appropriate to take it with milk.

In skin related problems, the juice of its leaves is applied on the skin.

Black Musli mixed with linseed oil is also applied on the skin.

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