Vidarikand Benefits in Ayurveda

 Vidarikand is a wild herb. It is found in the plains and hilly areas of North India. It spreads in the form of a creeper, and its tuber develops in the ground. Which is known by Vidarikand and other names. It is known as an important medicine in Ayurveda.

It helps a lot in various types of physical problems, but Vidarikand is not a complete medicine in itself, it is given in combination with other Ayurvedic herbs.

The effect of Vidarikand is cool in nature. It is also known by many other names in rural areas, and in many places it is also used as a vegetable.

विदारीकंद के स्वास्थ्य लाभ और नुकसान

Health benefits of Vidarikand

Vidarikand benefits are very much in ayurveda. It is used inside many Ayurvedic prescriptions.

  • Vidarikand is considered beneficial in pain arising in the gall bladder and inflammation of the gall bladder.

  • Vidarikand can be used to increase the memory of children. It can also be given to old person for memory.

  • It also provides great benefits in epilepsy. A reduction in the problem of epilepsy has been seen by using it to an epileptic patient.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties are found in Vidarikand. That's why it is very beneficial in cuts, bursts and swelling.

  • Vidarikand has properties that prevent cancer. The powder of the root of Vidarikand is very beneficial in such problems.

  • Vidarikand helps a lot in increasing the male sex hormones testosterone, due to which the male's libido increases.

  • It is also used with many Ayurvedic medicines in problems like infertility and impotence.

  • Vidarikand is also very important for male power i.e. physical strength, by taking it one feels energy and strength in the body.

  • It plays a very important role in strengthening the immune system.

  • It is also very beneficial in the problem of excessive bleeding during menstruation of women.

  • It removes blood disorders. That is, it works to purify the blood. Because of this, problems like itching, itching, boils and pimples go away. Due to blood disorders, some very serious chronic problems also occur. It gives relief in these problems. Heart attack, blood pressure, cholesterol are such problems, which are caused due to blood impurity.

  • It is also considered very beneficial in urinary disorders. Many types of problems are seen during urine infection, it is beneficial in all of them.

  • By giving Vidarikand powder along with dry grapes, the body of the children also becomes strong.

  • Vidarikand is also very beneficial in fever.

  • Taking 6 grams powder of Vidarikand with cow's milk and sugar candy in the morning and evening increases human strength, biographical power, disease-preventing power  and strength.

  • After pregnancy, women who are not able to produce milk in abundance for their child, milk-enhancing properties are found inside Vidarikand. Women make more milk by using this.

  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties are found inside Vidarikand. Because of this, it is very beneficial when there is a wound.

विदारीकंद के स्वास्थ्य लाभ और नुकसान

Side effect of Vidarikand

Vidarikand is always given in combination with other herbs. That's why not many of its disadvantages have come to the fore. It can harm a person who is allergic to Vidarikand.

If used in excess, problems like allergies can be seen on the skin. It can also cause irritation.

Vidarikand is an Ayurvedic herb. That's why before using it, it is very important to take information about its dosage from Ayurvedacharya. Only then you can get its proper benefits.

It is cooling in nature, and is always used in combination with other herbs. That's why a Vaidya has complete knowledge about this subject.

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