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 Saffron (Kesar) is a spice. Original Kesar plant is produced only in a limited area inside India. Saffron cultivation  is done only in a limited area of Kashmir. Although saffron is also cultivated in some other countries. Such as Iran, China, Italy, Greece etc.

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Within India, saffron is cultivated only in Pampur region of Kashmir and Kishtwar region of Jammu. Saffron is also known by some other names, such as Jafran, Saffron, Keshal, Kunkum, Japainran, Kesaram, Kong, Kunkumkesari etc.

Saffron is hot in nature. That's why it is used in very small quantities.

kesar price in india 1kg

What is Kesar

Saffron is obtained from the Kesar flower. Kesar flower is blue and white in colour. Saffron is produced in the form of flower fibers.

Three fibers are found inside each Kesar flower, which are dark red in colour. These fibers are obtained in the form of saffron after processing.

The botanical name of Kesar plant is Crocus sativus. Saffron is known as Saffron in English language. This plant is mainly found in cold places. It is done in large quantities in Southern Europe ie Spain.

Some species of Kesar are also produced in Iran. Iran and Spain produce 80% of the world's requirement of saffron.

Major saffron growing countries in the world are Spain, Iran, India, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Russia, Turkistan, Switzerland, China, Pakistan's Quetta and Austria.

Kesar Price

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is very aromatic and nutritious. It is used as a herb inside Ayurveda.

Kesar price in india 1 gram: Kesar price 1 gram is not determined at all. Before fixing the price of Kesar , its quality is also taken into consideration.

Kesar of different quality is produced in different climates in different regions. That's why the price of different Kesar varies. Kesar is a very expensive spice. That's why there is duplication inside it. You get low quality saffron at a lesser price, whereas you get the real original Kesar at a higher price. The quality of original Kashmiri Kesar is considered to be much better than all saffron hence Kashmiri original kesar price is also high.

Within India, the price of 1 gram of Kesar can range from ₹ 200 to ₹ 350. There is difference in price when obtained through different means and having different quality. Even if saffron is new or old, the price varies.

Kesar price 1kg (kesar price per kg): Saffron is a very expensive spice. Its cost is in lakhs. It is bought in quantity of grams, such as 1 gram, 2 grams maximum 10 grams. In India Kesar price is not fix.1 kg Kesar price in India comes from ₹ 2,00,000 to ₹ 300,000. For this you need to have right place and knowledge of saffron business. Kesar price in kg is less compare to cost in grams.

पुरुष के लिए केसर के फायदे

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Kesar Benefits

Kesar is an Ayurvedic herb. That's why there are many benefits of Kesar. It is very beneficial in different types of physical problems, mental problems. Let's talk about the benefits of eating Kesar for men.

Benefits of Kesar for men

There are many benefits of saffron for men. Saffron is considered very beneficial in removing many types of physical problems. Many types of nutrients are present inside it. Such as Vitamin B Six, Folate, Thiamin, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron in which are mainly found. It is beneficial in every way from children to the elderly. It strengthens the immune system. It plays an important role in keeping the body fit.

Benefits in nightfall

This problem happens with men. Sudden emission of sperm while sleeping at night is called a dream. If a man uses Kesar regularly, then this problem ends.

Increase sexual power

Many times a person is unable to take care of his food due to his busy lifestyle. Unable to take care of the needs of his body. The problem of stress and depression becomes due to work. In such a situation, The sexual power of a man starts to weaken.
On taking a certain amount of saffron, this problem starts to end gradually.

By using saffron, it increases these types of elements in the body, which work to relieve stress, and brings happiness to the person's mind.

Imporve the quality and quantity of sperm

Using Kesar helps in the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. Because of this, both the quality and quantity of the male's sperm become good.

Beneficial in premature ejaculation problem

Being helpful in the formation of male sex hormone testosterone, it also strengthens its erectile power. Because of this, the problem of premature ejaculation gradually starts ending.

Common benefits of Kesar

Saffron is not only beneficial for problems related to the reproductive system of men, it is also beneficial in many other common problems and chronic problems. It also works to strengthen the immune system.

  • The effect of Kesar is warm in nature, because of this it is beneficial if taken with milk in case of cold and cough in the winter season.

  • If a person feels more cold, then he should use saffron with milk, more cold will reduce.

  • Saffron is very beneficial in the problem of intermittent urination or in other disorders related to your urine. You can use it after consulting an Ayurvedacharya in your problem.

  •  When the hormones get spoiled, women start facing various problems. Especially problems related to the reproductive system are more. Disorder related to menstruation comes. Saffron is very beneficial in this. It balances the hormones.

  • The nutrients found in saffron strengthen the intestines. Because of this, it helps in keeping the digestion process strong. Problems like indigestion, gas, acidity start to end gradually.

  • Due to lifestyle, many liver related problems come. Mix 10 ml bitter gourd juice in a pinch of saffron powder in it. Liver related disorders can be cured by feeding it. Take it daily for at least 21 days or use it after consulting an Ayurvedacharya according to your condition.

  • Using saffron mixed with goat's milk provides relief in any type of bleeding. For example, if there is bleeding in the mouth, anus, vagina or any other organ, then use it.

  • Saffron is also very beneficial in respiratory problems. It reduces inflammation of the lungs. Controls allergies, and it is also beneficial in problems like asthma.

  • The benefits of saffron are many for the skin. Saffron works to bring glow to the skin by removing pimples and black spots on the face.

केसर की कीमत - Kesar ka Price

Benefits of saffron for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the mood of a woman changes very quickly. This is due to the change in hormones. If a woman uses saffron during pregnancy, then this problem reduces to a great extent.

  • In pregnancy, women face the problem of sleeplessness due to pregnancy hormones and due to pregnancy, there is irregularity in sleep. Using saffron solves this problem.

  • Due to pregnancy hormones, the problem of muscle cramps is seen during pregnancy. But saffron controls this side effect of hormones.

  • Women need more energy during pregnancy. In such a situation, the blood pressure of the woman increases, or sometimes due to pregnancy hormones, the blood pressure also becomes low.

  • It depends on the physical condition of the woman, but if the woman uses saffron during pregnancy, then the blood pressure remains normal.

  • If a woman uses Kesar milk during pregnancy, then the chances of having a fair child become very high.

Side effect of Kesar

Kesar is known as a great Ayurvedic medicine, but in some special circumstances, it can also cause harm, so there is a need to be careful while taking it.

  • It is very important for any pregnant woman to know about its quantity before eating Kesar. Along with milk, only two to three fibers should be taken by mixing in a glass of milk. Should not take more than this. Because it is hot in nature, and foods of hot effect should be taken in very moderate quantity during pregnancy. Along with this take food of cold effect. Like Kesar milk.

  • If pregnant women eat 10 grams of Kesar at a time, the chances of miscarriage become very high.

  • If for some reason a woman or a man is allergic to saffron, then they should not use saffron. If you do, then definitely take the advice of an Ayurvedacharya.

  • Consuming excessive amount of saffron can cause problems like headache, dry mouth, dizziness, restlessness etc. Sometimes vomiting also starts due to Kesar.

  • Mainly Kesar is a very safe Ayurvedic herb, but take special care of its quantity, it can leave negative effects if it is in excess.

When to eat saffron during pregnancy

Kesar is hot  in nature. That's why it has to be included in the diet during your pregnancy with great care.

In the first 3 months, the fetus is very delicate, so during this period, do not use saffron in your diet at all.
From 3 months to the next 6 months, you can use saffron in moderation in your diet. Put 3 to 2 strands of rice inside a glass of milk and use that milk.
How to mix saffron in milk is very easy. For this, boil 2 to 3 fibers in a glass of milk and then drink it lukewarm.
If there is any kind of complication in the pregnancy of the woman, then before using saffron, take the opinion of the doctor. If the woman has had miscarriages before and still there is a possibility of miscarriage, then do not use saffron at all.

How to add saffron to your diet

Saffron is a very nutritious herb, spice. It can be included in your diet by mixing it with food. But mainly it is used with milk. For this, boil 3 to 4 fibers in a glass of milk and then use the milk. In this way you can use it in the summer season.

Soak 4 to 5 strands of saffron in water in the evening and use that water along with the strands in the morning.
On the advice of Ayurvedacharya, it is also used by preparing a combination of saffron with various herbs in many types of physical diseases and problems. But these yogas are prepared only on the basis of expert's opinion.

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