Kaunch Beej benefits and Side Effect | Kaunch Beej powder

 Kaunch or Kevanch is a creeper plant. It is a vine, and its seeds have excellent medicinal properties. Mainly it is found around homes, but the people does not know about its medicinal properties.

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This is a great medicine, and it proves to be very effective in many types of health problems. It is much cheaper than many types of expensive medicines, and also works like them.

It has proved to be highly effective mainly in nervous system problems and male infertility problems. Some Ayurvedacharya consider it as the best aphrodisiac medicine. From the problem of sperms to Parkinson's disease, Kaunch is used.

It is mainly a species found in the forests, it itself flourishes around the fields and in the forests. It is known by different names in different languages such as –

Kewanch, Kachu, Kaunch, Kachhura,  Kewach, Ajaha, Kandura, Khujni, Alkusha, Kauso, Habulkulai, Kauncha etc. and it is popular by many other names.

Benefits of Kaunch Beej

Kaunch Beej seem to be a simple medicine, but its nutritional value is immense. Minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, sodium, fiber, calcium, protein, etc. are found in abundance in the Kaunch Beej.

Talking about the properties of Kaunch seeds, it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. Kaunch seeds are also full of antiparasitic properties.

It provides many amazing benefits in physical weakness, muscle building etc., as well as it removes weakness of the body and makes it energetic. 

Kaunch Beej benefits for male

  • Prolactin is found in kaunch bij. It helps in the production of the male hormone testosterone. Due to this, there is communication of masculine power in the body.

  • If pregnancy is not being conceived because of men. If there is a problem with men's sperm, then Kaunch seeds improve men's sperm quality, quantity and counting all three. Because of this, it becomes very easy to conceive pregnancy.

  • By using kaunch ke bij daily, problems like weakness and fatigue of men's body are removed, fitness is increase, and it also helps in balancing the hormones of men.

  • By using kaunch ke bij, it helps in releasing such chemicals from the brain which helps a person to be happy. Problems like stress, depression, anxiety start reducing, and the sex life of men starts getting stronger.

  • Kaunch beej have such properties that it activates the pineal gland. Because of this, the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin starts in the right amount. Because of this, the person gets deep sleep, and the stress starts reducing.

  • Due to the seeds of Kaunch, a chemical named Dopamine is emitted in large quantities. Because of which the pineal gland works properly, and the age of man seems to be less, mental peace remains.

  • It has properties that strengthen the immune system. Because of this, the body does not get infected quickly.

Kaunch bij benefits for women

Kaunch seeds are very beneficial for men as well as women. Women are often stressed. In such a situation, Kaunch seeds work to provide happiness to women. Along with this, it works to balance the hormones in the body of women.

When hormones are imbalanced in the body of women, there is a profound effect on their reproductive system. it balances hormones, and it give  benefits in all problems related to the female reproductive system.

By consuming Kaunch seeds, the body mass index of women remains balanced. Women can feel themselves fit and fresh.

Control diabetes

It has been seen that the properties of Kaunch Beej powder work to control such problems as diabetes. Studies have confirmed that it helps in reducing the symptoms of diabetes.

Control cancer

It controls all those requirements inside the body, which helps in making cancer cells. This helps in reducing or preventing problems like cancer.

Enhance memory

By increasing the vitality of the brain, it increases the working capacity of the brain. It acts like a tonic for the brain. Because of this it helps in increasing the memory.

Beneficial in joint pain

Kaunch Beej powder can prove to be very beneficial for diseases like arthritis. Because it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which provide relief from swelling and pain in the joints.

Side Effect of Kaunch Beej

Where some benefits of Kaunch Beej powder are seen. There can be some disadvantages as well.

According to some people, consuming it can cause complaints of insomnia, vomiting, nausea, headache. If you have any kind of problem related to kidney liver, heart attack, glaucoma, then you should avoid its use.

Although it is a natural herb, still you should be careful in these problems.

Kaunch seeds work to control weight. Keeps metabolism under control. But sometimes in some people it is known to reduce the weight significantly.

Kaunch seeds are not recommended for use during pregnancy and for breastfeeding mothers.

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