Gokhru benefits and Side effect for Men and Women

 Gokhru is an Ayurvedic herb, which is found in abundance in Indian forests and around the fields. Gokhru or 'Tribulus Terrestris, Land Caltrops is a small plant growing anywhere on the ground.

In the month of Ashadh and Shravan, you will see anywhere on vacant land or in the forests. This simple and small plant has amazing medicinal properties.

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Identification of Gokhru Plant

Gokhru flourishes from August to December. Their length can range from about 1 meter to one and a half meters.

Gokhru is easily recognized. It is found in both the hill and plains of North India. The bunion leaves are fragmented and the flowers are yellow in color. Its fruit is rich in thorns. Its fruit size is equal to gram grain, on which there are thorns.

Gokhru is known by different names in different languages, such as-
Gokshurak, Trikant, Hathichicar, Betagokharu, Nerinjikai, Bakhra, Lotak, Lohangokharu, Bastitaj, Masak, Kharekhasak etc.

Gokhru benefits and Side effect

Gokhru - Bunion nutrition value

There are many nutrients found inside Gokshura, which are filled with semen enhancer, power enhancer and urological properties. Inside this, you have mainly found calcium, potassium, sodium, flavonoid, protein, nitrate, vitamin C, iron vitamin A etc.

At the same time, Querceton, Cameferol, Saponin are mainly included inside it.

Gokhru benefits and Side effect

Gokhru is an Ayurvedic medicine. According to Ayurveda, the benefits of Gokhru are countless. It is very beneficial in many types of acute problems. Gokhru is consumed in the form of Gokhru powder and in many types of medicines along with other medicines.

Benefits of Gokhru for men

As we have told that Gokhru is considered as a power enhancer, urine enhancer and semen enhancer. That's why there are many benefits of Gokhru for men.

Strengthen the reproductive system

Such properties are found inside the Gokhru , which work to strengthen the reproductive system of men. Because of this, the problem of infertility of men starts to go away. Men who feel physical weakness, they should take Gokhru.

Such people should eat Gokhru juice or powder and sugar candy mixed in equal quantity along with gram. You start consuming this powder 5 grams in the morning and 5 grams in the evening, you will get the benefits.

Another way is to make juice of Gokhru, soak gram into them till 24 hours, And  dry it after 24 hours. Grind them and mix them with milk or honey and use them in the morning and evening. All fertility related problems go away.

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Men not being able to be intimate with women,
  • No tension in men's penis and
  • Not being able to have children despite men's efforts

This is called impotence. It is also called erectile dysfunction. Gokhru is considered very beneficial for sexual health.

According to a research, if bunions are consumed for 3 months, then it has the ability to remove problems like erectile dysfunction, that is, problems like impotence.

Strengthen of sperm

  • Decrease in male sperm means low count
  • Weakness in the quality of sperm means weakening of vitality
  • Motility of sperm

All these three problems show infertility. The problem of sperm appears due to the lack of male sex hormones. In fact, male sex hormones testosterone is the main component in the formation of sperm. All problems occur because of its deficiency.

Gokhru strengthens testosterone. Infertility starts to end slowly.

गोखरू की कीमत | गोखरू की दवा

General Benefits of Gokhru

The benefits of Gokhru are not only in male sexual problems,  but it provides many other types of benefits to the body, its benefits are for all men, women and children.

Gokhru uses for Female

The benefits of bunions are not only for men for their sexual problems, but the benefits of bunions are also very beneficial in women's sexual problems.

If a woman consumes Gokhru continuously for 40 days, then there is a lot of benefit in her sex related problems such as -

  •      sexual desire,
  •      sensuality,
  •      sex power,
  •      vaginal lubrication,
  •      ability to have sex

There is benefit in all of these. Women can consume the powder of Gokhru with honey.

Other Gokhru benefits

  • The use of bunion is very beneficial in eczema occurring on the skin, by using it eczema starts to end.
  • The use of Gokhru is very beneficial for chest pain, but it should be taken only on the advice of an Ayurvedacharya.
  • Gokhru is used to stop diarrhea.
  • Gokhru is also very beneficial in urinary problems.
  • Gokhru is very beneficial for increasing digestion, it improves digestion. Removes problems like gas, acidity and indigestion.
  • Gokhru is also very beneficial in problems like asthma. In this, Gokhru powder is taken along with dried figs.
  • It is beneficial in skin diseases. It is beneficial in increasing the sperm count. It is used in problems like fever. Gokhru is used in bleeding from nose and ears. But in all these problems it is used along with other Ayurvedic herbs.

Gokhru is used in large quantities in the treatment. This is a special herb, and is also considered very effective.

Side effect of Gokhru

The disadvantages of Gokhru are not any specific disadvantages. It can be seen only due to circumstances or due to mismanagement. The effect of Gokhru varies on each person. Therefore, it should be used only on the advice of the doctor.

This works to increase libido, but sometimes it also causes lack of libido in women.

If male sex hormones increase more then it can be harmful for the heart.
In certain circumstances, it can damage the liver.

The side effects of Gokhru are not visible when used it carefully and on the advice of a doctor. It only gives benefits. If a person is allergic to Gokhru , then he should not use Gokhru. If you see any kind of health related problems by consuming Gokhru, then stop taking it, and must consult to a doctor.

Benefits of Patanjali Gokhru Tablets

The benefits of Patanjali Gokhru tablet are the same, which have been displayed in this article. Patanjali is a well-known Indian company manufacturing Ayurvedic medicine using ancient methods. Whose products are quite reliable.

  •      By using Gokhru tablet, any person increases his libido.
  •      It is very beneficial in asthma.
  •      Controls low blood sugar levels.
  •      It is very beneficial for women for problems related to their reproductive system.
  •      It also has a very effective effect on blood pressure.
  •      It removes headache and acute pain.
  •      By healing the digestive system, it has the ability to cure all diseases related to the stomach.

How to eat Gokhru

The method of eating bun is different in different problems. Gokhru is also given in combination with other Ayurvedic herbs.

Gokhru powder or powder, Gokhru tablets etc. are easily available in the market. According to your problem, it can be used in the morning and evening on the advice of Ayurvedacharya. The root, stem and fruit of bunion etc. can also be used by making a decoction.

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