Teach the baby such good habits in the womb itself

The education of any fetus starts from the time of pregnancy, according to Indian culture, the beginning of giving sanskar to the fetus is considered from the time of pregnancy.

There are many such customs in Sanatan. Those whom we bring under the category of superstition, but they are actually scientific to a large extent.

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Some such rites come under Garbh Sanskar. Which today's young generation considers to be superstitious. They are considered very important for the mental and physical development of the fetus.

The meaning of Garbh Sanskar is to educate the fetus in womb. During pregnancy, educating the baby and motivating them to adopt positive thoughts and values ​​is called Garbh Sanskar.

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What is Garbh Sanskar

According to traditional beliefs, religious development, development of the brain and physical development of the fetus inside the womb, come under Garbh Sanskar.

For detailed information about Garbh Sanskar, women should read books related to Garbh Sanskar. After reading these, the attitude of the woman about pregnancy changes completely, it is very important.
How to teach good habits to the unborn baby

For every kind of development of the fetus, a woman can take some steps which are very easy, she can easily fit them into her lifestyle.

Yoga and meditation

By doing yoga during pregnancy, the pregnant woman remains relaxed and calm. It also helps in normal delivery and healthy pregnancy. At the same time, by doing meditation, positive thoughts come in the mind of the mother and the child becomes physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Read spiritual book

Reading spiritual books during pregnancy is very beneficial, after 7 months the baby starts listening to the voice of the woman . The child also responds to the mother's voice.
Reading religious books increases the flow of positive thoughts in the mind. This has a positive effect on the baby, because in a home, the baby has a direct mental and physical connection with its mother.

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Listen to soft music

Soft music gives a lot of comfort to any pregnant mother. This reduces stress. Baby also likes music. According to the study of many scientists, listening to music during pregnancy has shown a reduction in the stress of both the pregnant mother and the baby. If a woman wants, she can also listen to Gayatri Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa and other hymns. It has a positive effect on the child.

Nutritional value of food

It is very important for a woman to maintain the nutritional value of her food. Because the development of the body of the fetus takes place only with the help of minerals and vitamins present in the food of the woman. For the physical health of the child, a woman must take care of her food. Avoid fast food. Avoid stale food. Take fresh and natural food.

If a woman keeps the information related to Garbh Sanskar, or carries forward the pregnancy under the supervision of an expert, then she can do many other things, which will help in the development of the baby.

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