How check i know ovulation kit positive result

How  i-know ovulation kit positive result comes. We are discussing on this topic. Ovulation positive result means that the woman's ovulation period can start anytime within the next 24 hours.

If the couple enjoy sex during this time, then the chances of getting a child are best.

Need of i-Know Ovulation Kit

The result of ovulation kit is positive. Before that let us assess how it comes about. Why does it come? Before that we should also know that why ovulation kit is needed.

i know ovulation kit positive result images

The result of ovulation kit is positive. It does not mean at all that the pregnancy of the woman has come positive. It only shows the time when a woman is most likely to concieve a baby. Kit provides information about the most fertile days of women. By cohabiting at that time, the couple can try to get children.

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The iknow ovulation test kit manufactured by Piramal Pharma will give you information about the most fertile day. I know ovulation kit results are up to 99% accurate.

Mechanism of the I Know Ovulation Kit

Ovulation Kit works on the basis of LH hormone detection. When the egg is ready in the woman's body, 24 hours before that, the amount of LH hormone increases in the woman's body.

Through the ovulation strip, the hormones grown in the woman's body are checked for LH hormones. It is thought that after the next 24 hours, the egg in the woman's body will come from the ovary to the fallopian tube. Where he will be present for fertilization for the next 24 hours. If the sperm of the man is present in the body of the woman at this time, then the pregnancy can proceed.

The chemical present on the ovulation strip track the increased amount of LH hormone in the woman's body. On this basis, predicts the most fertile day in the next 24 hours, that is, tells you.

i-Know Ovulation Kit - How to Buy

How check i know ovulation kit positive result

It is very important for a woman to know her expected Ovulation Period. There are mainly 5 ovulation strips inside the i-Know Ovulation Kit. Can work continuously for 5 days. Therefore, the woman should know her expected ovulation period. By using these strips, a woman can find out the most fertile time in between expected ovulation period.

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By checking with the ovulation strip, the result of the woman can come as positive or negative. But for the best result, the woman should check from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm only. During this the best result comes.

With the help of a dropper, you pass three drops of urine in the ovulation strip.

Wait for 5 minutes after that the result will appear in front of you.

You see two lines named C & T.

i-know test kit result image

i know test kit result image

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• Two pink lines in C&T indicate the start of fertile days.
• Only the C line being pink indicates that the fertile days have not come yet.
• If both the C and T lines do not come, the strip is considered bad. You will need to check again with the new strip.

i know ovulation kit positive result image

A man's sperm can survive in a woman's body for at least 3 days. Therefore, from 72 hours before the time the egg reaches the fallopian tube, to 24 hours after the egg enters the fallopian tube, you can consider the fertile window.

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