You Know about 9 types of meditation for you

TIP: We have 9 types of meditation, Meditation is an art, but before learning that art or adopting the method, it is more important to have a mat. This mat should be comfortable, should be soft, and should also be heat resistant. Because while doing meditation, your contact is from the energy of the universe, then it goes through your body into the earth. You do not benefit from the energy of that universe. Energy does go through your body, for this, and an anti-heat mat is required. If you use the cotton mat for this, it would be good. For this, you can also buy cotton yoga mat according to you.{alertInfo}

Talking about the types of meditation, there are many ways to do it, which have been divided into many parts. We will try to tell you about some of these specials

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Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is a type of meditation that comes under Transcendental Meditation. It uses mantras to focus your attention. Keep in mind that the meaning of the mantras here is not connected to any religious environment. The meaning of the mantra here is from a word, sentence, song, or anything else that can make you feel happy or satisfied.


Zen Meditation

This type of meditation was propagated and propagated by Chinese Buddhism. Explain that this method of meditation comes under Mindfulness Meditation, in which special attention is given to the brain to concentrate. In this posture of meditation, you have to sit by sitting in Sukhasana posture and shaking hands together. In this state of meditation, you mainly need to concentrate on your daily tasks. This type of meditation is considered helpful in developing and enriching you mindlessly.

Shiva Meditation

Shiva meditation is a type of spiritual meditation. In this, you try to focus your attention on spiritual energy as a focal point. This process moves you beyond the conscious mind and makes you look into your unconscious mind. This leads to a change in the perspective of understanding and experiencing the world.

Vipassana Meditation

This method of meditation is considered to be the most ancient. This method of meditation is said to have been propagated and propagated by Mahatma Buddha some 2500 years ago. This type of meditation is widely used today. With its help, the man tries to understand himself by looking inside his mind. With its help, man is able to control his thoughts and feelings and expand his ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

Transcendental Meditation

In this type of meditation, a man tries to look into his inner unconscious mind. A special mantra can also be used for this. It makes you realize your existence by taking you away from the physical barriers (sorrow, happiness, happiness, and sorrow). Which helps you understand that material things have no value in the world.

Raja Yoga Meditation

This type of meditation was first mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. At the same time, Swami Vivekananda propagated and propagated this type in the 19th century. This type of meditation helps you to remain calm and observe yourself. This creates a sense of seriousness in your personality. The special thing of this yoga is that it does not use any type of mantras. In this process of yoga, you can open your eyes and meditate.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation helps you see a world different from attachment to attachment. By its continuous use, you are able to control your emotions. This brings new mental energy to you to fulfill thoughts and expectations.

Movement Meditation

This type of meditation comes under Mindfulness Meditation. Explain that in this form of meditation any one task can be tried by considering it as the goal. It can also be called Hatha Yoga. This process of meditation helps you to focus on a particular task till its completion. The special thing about this type of meditation is that it can be done on the go.

Focus Meditation

This type of meditation comes under Vipassana meditation. In this, people try to focus on an idol, object, or conscience. By adopting this process regularly, the mental development of a human being. At the same time, the ability to do some work is centered.

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