Why my Mouse is not working properly

Sometimes our mouse is not working properly or stops working, does not perform. Friends, there are many reasons behind this, before discussing it, we want to tell you some small things.

Friends, the hardware of each company's mouse is slightly different, and its software is also different and the problems of every type of mouse are also different. Along with this, sometimes due to different windows, ie operating systems, there is a problem of compatibility, then even in this state sometimes the mouse stops working. There are some common reasons for the mouse not working, first of all, we will discuss that topic in this article.

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Friends, if any hardware of the mouse breaks or there is any kind of crack in the wire, you may or may not see it. For this reason, also the mouse stops working, or its ability to work is affected.

If the power supply for the mouse is interrupted in some way, then the mouse stops working.

Sometimes the software gets updated due to the update of windows, and due to some reason it doesn't have compatibility with the mouse, a driver is required, or whatever software cause. Because of this also the mouse stops working.

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To check all these reasons, first of all, check your mouse with another device, if it is performing in the same way there, then you have to improve its performance or its work again smoothly. Some steps have to be taken to run.

There are a few ways you can try to increase the efficiency of your mouse.

Replace the Battery of Mouse

It may be that the battery of your mouse is dead, you can try replacing the battery of your mouse and try by putting another battery, maybe because of this also your mouse is not able to perform. The best option for this is to use a rechargeable battery.

If you are changing or checking the battery, make sure that you have re-winded it properly, as sometimes the battery does not fit properly and the problem is not correct.

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Clean Mouse – Clean Your Mouse

If you feel that your mouse is moving with jerks or its speed has decreased, then you should clean your mouse. It may also happen that the performance of the mouse has changed due to dust and you should always keep your mouse in the right way, so that it is away from dust and dirt.

Keep this in mind with both you wireless mouse and wired mouse. Sometimes the mouse that moves through the rubber ball does not work properly due to the rubber ball getting soiled.

Set Mouse with a Different USB Port

Try removing the port you are using for the mouse on your laptop or desktop computer and plugging it into another alternate port. Sometimes the connectivity is not able to coordinate with each other, due to which the mouse stops working.

If you use a USB hub for activities, try connecting the mouse directly to a laptop or desktop computer, it may be that your USB hub is not working properly, or whatever connector you are using. There may be fault in that too.

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Change your Mouse Pad

Sometimes, due to excessive use or any other reason, the performance of the mouse pad deteriorates and due to this also the mouse reduces working properly, this problem comes more in the mouse with the light pointer.

 Update Your Mouse Driver

Till date, technology has become very smart, while traveling online, we sometimes unknowingly download some such software, or download drivers, due to which sometimes the connectivity of the mouse gets affected. In this case you need to update your driver.

Window Restore Point

First of all, you should confirm that the reason for your mouse not working is due to some software problem. For this, you can restore your operating system by going to an old date when your PC is working properly.

Your mouse will start working on its own, but the problem of one thing here is that after that date all the software you have installed in your operating system will also end.


Bluetooth Connection with Mouse

If you are using your mouse through Bluetooth, then it may also happen that if your mouse has been paired with another OS system, then definitely check this thing once.

Mouse Button Functionality Exchange

Your mouse is working properly but it is happening that the functionality of your mouse button has been interchanged. This can be due to some software problem, or you have done something for some reason, due to which this has happened and you are not aware. For this, you can check the functionality of the mouse by going to the Control Panel.

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