When to start wearing pregnancy clothes

 When to start wearing pregnancy clothes is a very good question. The right time to wear pregnancy clothes can be different for every woman. It depends to a great extent on the pregnancy growth of the woman and her body.

As the woman's tummy, that is, the stomach, starts coming out. In the same way, it becomes necessary for the woman to start paying attention to the pregnancy related clothes.

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In general, it is seen that women who are becoming mothers for the first time have a very tight stomach, so between 12 weeks and 16 weeks, they will be able to see that their stomach is coming out.

But women who have already become a mother once, if she is conceiving pregnancy again, then her stomach starts appearing sooner than women who are becoming mothers for the first time.

Let's talk in detail about which type of clothes a pregnant woman should choose in which trimester. Pregnancy wear clothes can vary from quarter to trimester.



Pregnancy Clothes in the First Trimester

There is no significant change in the woman's belly in the first trimester. In such a situation, the woman can choose to wear loose fit clothes lightly. These clothes also look fashionable. You can also buy these types of clothes from any shop near you or from the pregnancy wear online store.

In the first trimester, you should wear loose kurta, peplum top, shrug or anything that makes your belly not visible. Do not wear type tops, tight pants or anything that makes your skin feel tight.

If you live in India, then you wear Indian, then tie the sari loose, don't wear a kurta or suit tight to the stomach.

You have to avoid clothes that tie at the waist, and you should also avoid wearing a belt. Because your body is taking shape day by day. A little too much pressure by mistake can prove to be harmful for you.

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Pregnancy Clothes in the Second Trimester

By the second trimester, you will stop getting all the clothes that you have been wearing till today. That is, even if you are wearing some clothes loosely, even then they will not come, now you will need special Maternity Wear Clothes.

Now you cannot hide your pregnancy from anyone even if you want. Accept this situation with your heart, it will make you feel very relaxed. According to pregnancy, whatever fashionable clothes are available for you in the market, you can use them. For this you can also purchase through online pregnancy wear shop.

Wear a nursing or maternity bra. Wear cotton fabric sarees, suits, kurtas. All these items should be designed keeping in mind your pregnancy. Wear loose maxi dress, wrap suit, ie loose clothes.

Pregnancy Clothes in the third trimester

The third trimester of pregnancy has started. Your shape is almost like a balloon. Which you have to accept, and you will be needing special very loose clothes.

During this, your balance also remains very shaken. Your body's gravity point changes. Due to which you also have to face a lot of problem in balancing yourself.

That's why too loose clothes can be harmful for you. Wear clothes only a little high, which do not get tangled in your feet.

Nowadays everything has become professional. Many companies these days have started making such clothes, which are prepared keeping in mind the pregnancy. 

For this, you will also find such clothes, which are designed according to the first trimester, second trimester or third trimester of pregnancy. 

However, such showrooms are currently available only in major cities. But if you are not getting this type of clothes in your city, then you can also buy India Style pregnancy clothes online. Now it is very easy, and it has become very safe too.

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