What is mental health, Why is it important?

We will discuss how important mental health is for any person, as well as how it goes easily.

What is a mental health

Health is important for the development of the country. According to the World Health Organization (WHO / WHO), “the treatment of disease or debility is being done well in physical, mental, social, and spiritual ways. In defining mental health it can be said that by this, a person To realize their abilities, it comes to the confidence that they can cope with the stresses of life, work productively and make a contribution to themselves or their community. It can also be considered in this positive sense, that by fighting and winning this dilemma, a mentally healthy person can do any job well. So it is the foundation for the effective functioning of a community.

We will discuss how important mental health is for any person, as well as how it goes easily.

Why mental health is important?

More than 45 crore people suffer from mental disorders. According to the WHO, depression will be the second-largest cause of disease worldwide by the year 2020 (Murray and Lopez, 1996). The global burden of mental health will be well beyond the healing capabilities of developed and developing countries.

The social and economic costs related to the increasing burden of mental illness have focused on the promotion of mental health as well as the possibilities of prevention and treatment of mental diseases. Thus mental health is related to behavior and is considered to be the root of physical health and quality of life.

  • Physical health and mental health are closely related and it is undoubtedly proven that depression causes cardiovascular and vascular diseases.

  • Mental disorders affect a person’s health-related behaviors such as eating wisely, regular exercise, adequate sleep, safe sexual behavior, alcohol and smoking, adherence to medical treatments, etc. and thus increase the risk of physical illness.

  • Social problems also arise due to mental illness such as unemployed, scattered families, poverty, drug abuse, and related crimes.

  • Mental illness plays an important role in the deterioration of prophylactic activity.

  • Depression in patients with depression is worse than in patients without depression.

  • Long-lasting diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease increase the risk of depression.


How to keep good mental health 

Do not worry, always be happy, it is very important for mental health.

But good and bad always go on in life. Because of this, it is not even possible to be happy always. And sometimes there is worry too.

 Therefore, it is very important for a person to take the help of meditation daily in his life. Meditation is an essential activity to strengthen the brain. Just keep in mind that whenever you do meditation, you get connected with cosmic energy. That energy starts flowing in your body.

If you do meditation while sitting directly on the ground, then that energy gets absorbed from your body into the earth. You do not get any benefit from meditation. That's why you always have to use a meditation mat. This is extremely necessary.


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