Ovulation Kit and Ovulation Period - Complete Information

What is Ovulation kit or Strip. The couple has very little information about the ovulation kit. It provides information about the most favorable days for pregnancy i.e. best fertile days. So that women can conceive pregnancy by meeting to get a child at the right time.

Ovulation kit is also known by many other names such as -
Ovulation test kit
Ovulation Strip Or Ovulation Test Strip
Ovulation predictor kit
LH Test Kit
LH Test Strip Strip or LH Test Strip
Fertility kit or fertility test kit

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In the article, you will get information about all your main questions related to ovulation kit. We will try that after reading this article completely, you will get answers to all your questions.

Concept of ovulation kit

If we are getting information about ovulation kit, then we definitely know about the menstrual cycle of the woman.

The menstrual cycle can range from 24 days to 40 days for a woman. It is different for different women. Mainly the menstrual cycle of a woman is from 28 days to 30 days.

If the woman does not get pregnant in one menstrual cycle, then at the end of the menstrual cycle the woman starts bleeding. This means that the woman is not pregnant yet.

If the couple is trying for pregnancy, then in a monthly cycle, the couple will have to try for pregnancy except for about 1 day. This is recommended by the doctor.

i-Know Ovulation Kit - How to Buy

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Sometimes this is not possible. That's why it is said that a woman can get pregnant anytime between 1 month to 1 year.

Scientists found after research that in a menstrual cycle, a woman becomes pregnant only when the woman's egg is present for pregnancy. This egg is available only for 24 hours in a monthly cycle. Pregnancy happens in these 24 hours, otherwise, no matter how hard you try, pregnancy will not happen.

In these 24 hours, if a man's sperm is present in the woman's body, then the woman becomes pregnant. We all know that a man can survive on it for 3 to 5 days in a woman's body. It depends on his health.

The 24 hours for which the egg remains available for fertilization in a woman's body. A woman has 4 days, including these 24 hours, from 3 days before that, when a woman can become pregnant.

 These four days are called Ovulation Period or Most Fertile Days and the day on which the egg is present in the woman's body for reproduction, it is called Ovulation Day or Best Fertile Day.
Ovulation kit is used to find the ovulation day.

What is ovulation kit

There are 5 to 10 strips inside the ovulation kit. Along with comes a dropper. This dropper helps in getting the result by passing the urine of the woman inside the kit. Many companies manufacture ovulation kits. Therefore, the mechanism of their result window may be slightly different. But all ovulation kits are quite user friendly. Whose mechanism is easily understood.

How ovulation kit works

When a woman's ovulation period starts, before that, the amount of many types of hormones in the woman's body fluctuates.

By doing research by scientists, it was found out that when a woman is about to start the female fertility day, then the amount of LH hormones in her body increases. And this LH hormones increase in the body in a very large amount 1 day before the Ovulation Day.

This LH hormone is also visible in a good amount in the saliva and urine of the woman. The increase of this hormone means that within the next day i.e. 12 to 24 hours, the female egg will be present for reproduction and will be available for the next 24 hours. Therefore, 36 to 48 hours are best for a woman's pregnancy.

The task of detecting the woman's file window is that of the ovulation kit. That's why it is also called LH Test Kit or LH Kit.

How to use ovulation kit

The ovulation kit is very easy to use. 1 strip of ovulation kit is used in 1 day. Inside the ovulation kit you will find a dropper, with that dropper, the woman's urine has to be passed inside the ovulation strip, and you get the result within 5 minutes.

If you want accurate results of ovulation kit, then you need to take some special precautions. Otherwise the chances of getting wrong result are very high. Sometimes all the strips of the pregnancy kit go in vain.

Special precautions when using ovulation kit

There is a need to be very careful while using the ovulation predictor kits. Because the ovulation period is different for every woman.

Let us try to understand with the help of an example.

There is one ovulation kit and 3 are females.
A woman's monthly cycle is 24 days
A woman's monthly cycle is 30 days and
A woman's monthly cycle is 40 days

Therefore, the ovulation period for every woman comes after a different time interval.

If this ovulation kit goes to any woman. Then how will the woman get information about the 5 days of ovulation period. From which day he has to use this kit. Because it will not come for any woman after a certain day after the period.

Because in 4 to 5 days only 1 day is like this. The day the woman's ovulation day will come and the best fertile day will be for the woman. And the woman has to use the ovulation kit around these four-five days.

That is to say, according to the length of the woman's menstrual cycle, the woman's ovulation period and ovulation day change.

Therefore, if any woman uses an ovulation preditor kit, then it is very important for her to be aware of her expected ovulation period. How to find this expected ovulation period. Will discuss this further also.

To know the Most fertile time, you can use Ovulation Kit anytime from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

 But the best time is from 12:00 in the day to 2:00 in the day. On the day you have to start the test, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, you should consume at least liquid food. Because the thicker the urine, the more accurate the result will be.

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Expected ovulation period - symptoms of ovulation

If the couple is thinking of having a child soon by using the ovulation kit, then the woman should start recognizing some ovulation symptoms in her body 3 to 4 months in advance. These symptoms will help the woman to find out her expected ovulation period. These are called symptoms of ovulation.

1. Increased body temperature

In a monthly cycle, when the woman's ovulation cycle comes, the body temperature of the woman increases slightly. This high temperature shows that the ovulation period is about to start.

Whenever you wake up in the morning, you will see your body and a little hotter than the days. You have to track this and you will be able to know your ovulation period.

2. Change in skin tone

There is a deep connection between the skin and hormones in a woman's body. When the presence of estrogen in the woman's skin increases, the experience of skin tone is seen. Sometimes some women may have pimples around the time of ovulation, which can be seen due to increased hormones. But it does not happen with every women.

Sometimes these symptoms are seen in very small amounts. which cannot be tracked. But with this method also the idea of ​​ovulation days is applied.

3. Feeling the pain of ovulation

Women may experience ovulation pain during ovulation. During this, a slight change is felt in the breasts of women. Which is visible when you pay attention. Some women sometimes also have a mild problem of abdominal pain. Which is called ovulation pain. This is when the egg is released from the ovary and gets ready for pregnancy. Some women may feel this pain till the period comes.

4. Increase in sexual desire

Fertile window is one of the most important time of pregnancy for women. During this time, the desire for sex is more awakened in the woman's body. By understanding this desire, an idea can also be made that the ovulation days of the woman are about to start.

If you do not want to work so hard, then you can also adopt an easy and short method of it. Use an ovulation kit.

i Know Ovulation Kit use - Example

As we have just discussed, it is very important for a woman to know her Expected Ovulation Period. These days women will be able to find their best fertile window by using i Know Ovulation Kit.

Through the image below, you will be able to understand that how the result of  i Know Ovulation Kit is displayed, when the pink line post is seen, then the next 2 days are best for pregnancy.

How i Know Ovulation Kit works

With the help of a dropper, you pass three drops of urine in the ovulation kit.

Wait for 5 minutes after that the result will appear in front of you.

You see two lines named C R T.

i-Know Ovulation Kit कैसे काम करती है

• Two pink lines in C&T indicate the start of fertile days.
• Only the C line being pink indicates that the fertile days have not come yet.
• If both the C and T lines do not come, then the kit is considered bad. You will have to check again with the new kit.

i-know test card

i-know pregnancy home based kit

i-know ovulation test report

When the result is not correct

Many times users complain that the result of ovulation kit is not correct. There can be some reasons behind this. That is, some precautions need to be taken while using the ovulation kit.

  • It is very important for a woman to know her Expected Ovulation Period. Otherwise, using 5 strips of the ovulation kit on the wrong day will not give the result.

  • If the hormones of the woman are unbalanced, then it is not necessary that the ovulation kit should work properly even at this stage. Because it gives results only after checking the level of hormones.

  • If the woman's periods are unbalanced, that is, sometimes in less days or sometimes more days, then even when to use the ovulation kit, it is not known. There is also a possibility of getting the result wrong.

  • Make sure to check the expiry of the ovulation kit. Because the chemical applied on it also keeps a life of its own. After that it expires.

  • After bringing the kit home, take special care of how to keep this kit in place. In a colder place or a place with less moisture, this also has an effect on the result.

Benefits of ovulation kit - Ovulation kit use

  • The use of Ovulation Kit or Ovulation Kit benefits is that you can find the best fertile window of a woman. And woman can conceive pregnancy easily.

  • What happens many times is that the couple is very busy in their lifestyle. They are short of time. In such a situation, from 1 month to the next 10 months, they cannot give much time to each other. Ovulation strips are beneficial.

  • Couples live in different cities because of their job profiles. Even in that situation, it is very difficult to give time to each other completely.

  • In such a situation, if a woman wants to conceive, then ovulation strips can be a very easy way for any woman.

  • If for some reason the sperm count of the male is low, ovulation test strips can prove to be of great use.

  • Due to some health problem, if the man and woman are not coming close to each other in sufficient quantity, then by using ovulation strips, they can come close at a certain time and conceive pregnancy.

What is the percentage of ovulation kit result?

If you use an ovulation kit under physical conditions, then its results can be significantly reduced.

Because many times it is not even possible to use it in physical conditions.
its maintenance also decreases, and
Many times it is used by women whose hormones are not balanced.
Because of this, its performance or results decrease.

But in ideal condition it gives correct result up to 99%. So it can be trusted.

Ovulation kit price

As of the writing of this article, the price of ovulation kit starts from around ₹ 500 in the market, and further goes into thousands.

Its price is also based on the number of strips inside it.
You can also take this ovulation kit after consulting a doctor. You can also exchange it from any medical store near you.

If you want, you will get the ovulation kit online very easily and it will be delivered directly to your home.

Best ovulation kit or strip online

Any product online should be bought only from any reliable website. That's why we are going to tell you about only three Ovulation Kits.

i know Ovulation Kit
Ovlo Ovulation Test Kit for Women
Recombigen ovulation test kit

You can get more information about these Ovulation Kits by clicking on them.


Gradually the use of ovulation kits is increasing in India. This new concept can be understood in India now.
It is very important for you to know your expected ovulation period while using the ovulation kit. Only then it becomes effective.

At the same time, your hormones should be balanced and the woman's period should not be irregular. In these circumstances, it is not able to give correct results.

There is no harm to the body by using it. But you can definitely benefit from using it. You can conceive in relatively less time. 

Your Question

Q.How effective are ovulation Tests Kit?

ANS: Ovulation kit comes to know fertile-period. its known as a fertility specialist.its purpose is your fertility monitor.When the woman's most fertile time comes, the amount of Luteinizing hormone increases in the woman's body. This LH surge indicate Most fertile days running and after 24 hour you can get most fertile time for next 24 hour.
With day of ovulation couple can go for intercourse. Womwn can trying to get pregnant.
Women have signs of ovulation, but tracking them is not easy task. When women ovulate eggs, that comes in fallopian-tube.Where he waits for the sperm of the man, it happens only for 24 hours, it is called fertile time. This reduce infertility of women. If women trying to conceive baby just use ovulation kit. 

Q. How to get Pregnant with Ovulation test kit?

 ANS: If  Women is facing fertility problems due to irregular periods and irregular harmon issue, And women is taking fertility treatments with fertility drugs, this ovulation predictor kit will not help you. 
Ovulation kit works if the woman is healthy and she has time constraints.

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