How to use Prega News test kit | The Most Accurate Pregnancy Test Kit

 How to use prega news test kit and how to track Prega news result. This is a very common question. This raises a question not only about Prega News kit but also about other HCG home pregnancy test kit. Today we are trying to answer all the questions that may arise in your mind regarding Prega News Pregnancy Kit, through this article.

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What is Mankind Prega News

Mankind Prega News is a pregnancy test kit manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceutical. Thst is the most affordable pregnancy test kit. That is a perfact tool and Through which any woman herself can check her pregnancy within just 5 minutes. It is very easy and economical to check pregnancy through this medium. It does not require the help of any other person. The test done through Prega News pregnancy kit is considered to be quite reliable. In rare cases prega news failed. Prega News accuracy means success rate is up to 99%.

What is the basis for doing prega news pregnancy test

The pregnancy of any woman is considered to be started when the pregnancy hormones ie HCG  hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone) starts to be produced in the woman's body and hcg levels increase in women body. These hormones start being made as soon as they are established in the womb of the fetus. The role of this hormone is important in the development of the fetus.

As these hormones start making more quantity in the woman's body, in the same way some amount of it starts appearing in the woman's urine and in the woman's blood.

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We check the amount of pregnancy hormones inside the woman's urine or blood. If the result is positive, then pregnancy is assumed.

प्रेगा न्यूज़ प्रेगनेंसी टेस्ट किट

Prega News Kit works on the basis of female urine. That is, the Prega News test result come by tracking the pregnancy hormones present in the urine of the woman.

When to do prega news pregnancy test

Almost every time, this question of women definitely comes, How soon I can test for pregnancy. This in itself is a question that cannot be answered at all. Because for every woman, the time to check pregnancy as soon as possible is different.

The pregnancy of any woman can be checked only when the proper amount of pregnancy hormones is available in the woman's urine.

In the body of some women, pregnancy hormones start forming in the proper amount very quickly.  If they check the pregnancy on the period missing day, then the pregnancy result can be positive. In some women, even after 3 to 4 days of missing a menstrual-period, the result does not come in a proper way.

It is believed that if a woman checks pregnancy after 1 week of missing a period, then in every situation hcg hormones are present in the woman's urine at that time. If pregnancy hormones are present in the woman's urine at that time, then the woman gets a positive pregnancy test results, and if the result is negative, then it is assumed that pregnancy hormone is not present in the woman's urine. it means negative pregnancy test received.

प्रेगा न्यूज़ प्रेगनेंसी टेस्ट किट

Prega News Test Kit Product Details

This pregnancy test kit produced by Mankind Pharma is very popular in India. The main was it is used to check pregnancy. It is a reliable brand. And Prega News result is very good.

Prega News Kit detects the presence of HCG pregnancy hormones in a woman's urine and gives you the result. That is HCG content test kit. This is a single use pregnancy strip. Now we will discuss about product specifications.

Prega News Kit Pack

Pregna News One Step urine HCG Test Kit Contains 1 single use pregnancy detection card, 1 disposable dropper and silica granules to prevent moisture.

After how many days can I use Prega News?

No fixed time can be told at all for when to do the Prega News pregnancy test. When the amount of pregnancy hormones comes in the urine of the woman. At the same time this test gives correct result. This amount comes in the urine of every woman at different times. But if you check after 1 week of missed period, then the result is 100% correct. If you are pregnant, the pregnancy will come positive. If not, the pregnancy will come negative.

Prega News Result

This kit gives you information regarding your progress within 5 minutes. 2 pink lines on C&T means you are pregnant while 1 pink line on C means you are not pregnant. that have easy read result window.

How to use Prega News kit

Pass two to three drops of morning urine inside the Prega News pregnancy kit. Within 5 minutes you will get the result displayed above the pregnancy kit window.

Storage Instructions

Storage temperature 2°C to 30°C.

Star Rating

4.3/5 Amazon

prega news test kit positive images

Why Buy Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit Online

Almost all pregnancy test kits work on the same principle. The Prega News pregnancy kit also works on the same principle. It also gives results through urine. There are some small things on the basis of which you should choose a good reliable pregnancy test kit.

If you try to buy Prega News from any medical shop, then you will not get information about its result there at all. You will know only what the salesman tells you, and the salesman never criticizes his product.

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If you go to buy Prega News online, you can easily find customer reviews on online stores like Amazon. You will get a lot of information related to purchasing Prega News and its results by using it by the users who will help you there.

Prega News has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is considered a very good rating. That is, its result and functionality is good.

In the packing of Prega News, there is a separate arrangement to keep the kit dry, which is present inside the kit itself. This maintains the quality of the kit.

Prega News is a pregnancy test kit manufactured by Mankind Pharma. Mankind Pharma is the 1st Reported Indian Farm. Its products are considered very good.

After using the pregnancy kit once by the doctor, it is always advised to use it again. So that it can be completely confirmed that the result which is coming is absolutely correct. You can easily find a pack of three strips in a pack of 3 online, which fulfills all your requirements. If you want to buy more strips, then it is available to you at very low prices.

Any reputed company wants to maintain its goodwill always. Mankind is a well known company. That's why its products are of high quality. The chemicals used inside the Mankind Prega News Kit are also of high quality.

Many times you find strips with less sensitive chemicals inside the local pregnancy kit, which do not give proper results. There is always confusion in their results, which you will not find in a good kit like this.

Prega News kit price

The price of a commodity is always in motion. keeps changing with time. At present, in market Prega News kit price is ₹ 45 to ₹ 55.
If you are buying Prega News Kit in packets of 10 online, then you also get it for 28 to ₹ 32 right now.

Your Question

Q. Why Prega News Kits price are vary in market?

ANS. If you buy a single strip of Prega News, you will get it at the highest cost. Which will cost you around 45 to 50 rupees. If you buy more pregnancy kits, then in that case you get it at a Prega News lower cost. By buying 10 Prega News pregnancy kits, you can get it for just 28 to 30 rupees. For this reason, many medical stores provide you this kit at different prices.

Q. What is Prega News Kit use?

ANS: This is a very basic question in itself. If a woman wants to know whether she is pregnant or not, you can get this information through Prega News Kit. Prega News gives accurate  result, almost 99% correct. For better testing result use morning's first urine sample with test strip. urine test is very easy campare to blood test for pregnany. You need professional lab test result in case blood pregnancy test. Prega News is a urine pregnancy test kit and easy to use.

Q. What is the meaning of Prega News Positive Result?

ANS: If on pregnancy check by fresh kit of Prega News, if it is found that you are pregnant. This is called Prega News Positive Result. That means the pregnancy is positive. If the pregnancy is not visible in the Prega news window after checking the pregnancy, then it is called pregnancy negative.

prega news negative result images

Q. What is the negative prega news result?

ANS: The meaning of the negative prega news result is in very simple words that when the pregnancy was checked by the woman through prega news kit, the woman was not found pregnant, that is, negative prega news result has been received.

Q. What is prega news price in india?

ANS: If you get Prega News cost in INR, then it is considered as its price within India. The cost of a single Prega News Kit ranges from ₹ 45 to ₹ 50. If you buy more Prega News Kits at once, then its cost starts coming down gradually.
Buying more than 10 Prega News costs you Rs 28 to ₹ 30 per unit of Prega News.

Q. Does False positive results come from Prega News?

ANS: The work of the Prega News kit is only to detect the presence of HCG levels in the urin of the woman. If HCG hormone is present in the woman's urine, then Prega News will give results. If HCG hormone is being made in the woman's body without pregnancy, and the false pregnancy results are coming. It is not the responsibility of Prega News Kit. Its function is only to find out the amount of HCG hormone.

Q. Can Prega News detect miscarriage?

ANS: Prega News only detects the presence of HCG hormonesin urine using fresh test kit. This means that the woman is pregnant. It does not work in any other situation.

Q. How many results does prega news pregnancy kit give? 

ANS: There are only two types of results obtained by pregnancy home testing kit, pregnancy negative test and pregnancy positive test. A 4 to 5 weeks pregnant women can get proper result. if You think I am Pregnant, just confirm your pregnancy with Prega News.

Q. For accurate result we can believe on prega news?

ANS: Prega news pregnancy test kit result is 99% accurate only use prega news pregnancy kit before expiry date and also take care of its maintenance.

Q.What are the benefits of Prega News Kit?

ANS:A woman can know about her pregnancy as soon as possible and pregnancy testing is very easy. During Pregnancy The symptoms of pregnancy come very late. Like morning-sickness etc.
Before all these symptoms, pregnancy is confirmed by Prega News.
Pregnancy symptoms comes after 6 weeks of pregnancy but taking a pregnancy test with Prega News you can know about pregnancy after 4 weeks, before early signs of pregnancy.
if your question is "Am i Pregnant". you can get first response in early pregnancy days. This is necessary for healthy pregnancy

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