How to use Home Pregnancy Test Kit - Complete Guide

Many times women are afraid of having an unwanted pregnancy. For this, women use pregnancy test kits, or women use home pregnancy test kits to confirm their pregnancy.

If you have any question regarding home pregnancy test kit, then we are trying to answer it in this article. So that you can understand every single aspect regarding it.

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Concept of pregnancy test kit

Often women get pregnant, and they have no idea at all that they are pregnant.

Because many times the symptoms of pregnancy are seen by women even during monthly cycles. In such a situation, it is not confirmed at all, whether this symptom is related to pregnancy, or is related to monthly cycle.

Many times women unknowingly do some such things during pregnancy, which should not be done during pregnancy. Unknowingly, women had to suffer from the problem of miscarriage. Therefore, there was a need for a way that would tell the women in time the exact address whether the woman is actually pregnant or not.

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From this need the concept of pregnancy test kit was born. Pregnancy test kit confirms the pregnancy of the woman by detecting the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, which is produced in the woman's body during pregnancy.

Importance of pregnancy test kit

The need for pregnancy test kit can be understood from the fact that almost every woman uses pregnancy test kit to confirm pregnancy. It gives accurate information to women whether she is pregnant or not.

Sometimes women miss periods due to hormonal imbalance, and symptoms of pregnancy start appearing. In such a situation, it can be easily confirmed by testing with a pregnancy test kit, whether the woman is really pregnant or just because of hormonal imbalance women are having problems.

 Due to the pregnancy test kit, women get information about whether she is pregnant or not in a very short time. Now the first step to confirm pregnancy is pregnancy test kit.

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Advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy test kit

As we have discussed with you the importance of pregnancy test kit, it is clear that the benefits of pregnancy test kit are high and the harm is negligible.

1. In pregnancy test kit, pregnancy is checked through the urine of the woman. Through this, the woman does not have any kind of health related problem.

2. Through the pregnancy kit, the woman gets accurate information about whether the woman is really pregnant or not.

3. It provides information related to her pregnancy to the woman in minimum time.

As we have discussed that pregnancy test kit does not harm the health of the woman in any way. Therefore, the main factor in the loss of pregnancy test kit is not the health of the woman. There may be other types of disadvantages.

1.Home Pregnancy Test Kit cannot be used by one after use.

2. Many times pregnancy hormones are not in the proper amount in the woman's body, so it does not give results.

3. Sometimes the pregnancy test kit does not give the correct result even due to the malfunction

How pregnancy test kit works

A chemical is used inside the pregnancy test kit, which reacts with the pregnancy hormones present in the woman's urine and gives the result. On the basis of this result, information is received regarding whether the woman is pregnant or not pregnant.

It is just to be kept in mind that pregnancy should be checked with the help of pregnancy kit only when the pregnancy hormone starts producing in abundance in the woman's body. Will discuss about this further.

After how many days to check pregnancy

After how many days pregnancy should be checked, it is not certain at all. This time is different for every woman.

Pregnancy hormones in the body of some women start producing in abundance before they miss the period, so in that stage the woman can know about her pregnancy even before she misses the period. It is seen in very few women.

While the pregnancy hormones in the body of some women are made in the appropriate amount after the date of the missed period, then checking the pregnancy at that time gives the correct result.

In which woman's body, pregnancy hormones are made in proper quantity at what time? No one is aware of this. Therefore, a time has been fixed, that after this time if you check the pregnancy, then the pregnancy kit will give you the correct result.

The day the woman's menstrual cycle starts, and if it is missed, then the woman can become pregnant. From that day till the next 7 days if the woman checks the pregnancy, then the result may or may not come.

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If you are not able to find out whether the woman is pregnant or not. Sometimes symptoms are coming, and the result is showing negative.

If the woman checks pregnancy between 7 days to 10 days or after. Then the result is confirmed.

    TIP: Many times women have this type of confusion that after 2 days of missing the period, check the pregnancy, the result comes. Many women say that the result comes after 5 days. Some believe that the result comes after 10 days, so we think the solution to this problem, you must have got it.{alertSuccess}

Pregnancy Test Kit User Manual

Let us try to understand the pregnancy check and its Aadhaar step by step.

What is the basis of pregnancy test

After pregnancy, eggs come from the woman's ovaries into the fallopian tubes at the time of ovulation. Where they are fertilized by contact with sperms. And the process of pregnancy starts.

To take care of this fetus, the woman's body starts making a hormone.

It is called HCG – Human Chronic Gonadotropin Hormone

Its function remains in the womb, but when it is made in excess. So it gradually comes in the urine and blood of the woman as well. It is only by the presence of this hormone that we confirm whether there is a pregnancy or not.

If it is hormones then it is pregnancy. If there is no hormones then there is no pregnancy.

At what time should the pregnancy test be done

The result of pregnancy test kit in the initial period depends on the time at which pregnancy hormones are highest in the woman's body.

We do pregnancy check in the early days itself. When the pregnancy hormones are not in high quantity in the woman's body, hence the timing of pregnancy check becomes very important.

A woman should always check pregnancy through pregnancy kit through urine first thing in the morning. Because at this time the amount of pregnancy hormones in a woman's body is highest.

How to do pregnancy test

As we were discussing now that pregnancy should be done with urine before the morning.
When the woman takes the pregnancy test kit out of her packet, you will find two items inside it.

One is pregnancy test kit and
second one dropper

With the help of that dropper, two to three drops or up to five drops of urine have to be passed in the pregnancy test kit. And within 5 minutes the result comes in front of you. After 10 minutes you do not see the result, because whatever result comes after that, it is not valid.

How to check pregnancy test kit result

If you are using pregnancy test kit to check pregnancy, then this pregnancy test result depends on which company's pregnancy test kit you are using to check pregnancy.

The user window or result window of every company is not necessarily the same. Different companies offer user friendly pregnancy test kit windows in different ways. Where the result comes on the basis of the marks marked.

Different company's pregnancy kit can be with different color and presentation, inside it you will see two lines for the result, it can be in red, pink, gray or blue color because different company has different There is a presentation, you should not be confused about the color of the line.

How to check pregnancy. The result comes within 5 to 7 minutes of passing urine in the kit. It comes even earlier, but you give at least 10 minutes time, only then it will be good to reach any conclusion.

Pregnancy Test Kit With C&T Marking

Mainly the type of pregnancy test kit found in India. On the basis of that, we are telling you to see the result. In North India, there is a pregnancy test kit with C & T marking mainly available in the market.

Here C means control, the emergence of C line at the time of pregnancy testing indicates that this kit is working properly. If this line does not emerge while doing pregnancy test, then the kit is considered useless.

Here T means, testing whether this line is visible or not, it is known whether there is pregnancy or not.

Pregnancy test kit result analysis

  • If while checking pregnancy, only the line in front of C appears in the pregnancy test kit window, it means that pregnancy hormone is not present in the woman's body. Result is negative. Of course you are not pregnant.

  • If while checking pregnancy, the line is visible only in front of T. So it means that the pregnancy kit has got damaged. Because the C line which tells that the pregnancy kit is correct. She is not coming. Therefore, the result will not be valid even if the T line confirming the pregnancy is seen.   
    You have to use the new kit. Because the chemical present in the pregnancy kit is no longer giving the correct result. It may be that it is confirming the T line due to some other reason. The pregnancy kit will be considered useless.

  • If a line is visible in front of C while checking pregnancy, and within 1 to 5 minutes a line is also visible in front of T. This line should be dark, only then the pregnancy is considered confirmed.
    If the line in front of T is light, then you need to do a pregnancy check again after four to 5 days. If it is dark, then you are pregnant.

  • If the line in front of both C and T in the pregnancy kit is not visible after passing urine, then in this situation also the pregnancy kit is bad.

Can the pregnancy test kit be damaged?

A pregnancy test kit is a product that is used to check pregnancy. Some chemicals inside this product are used to check pregnancy. So it also has an expiry date. , If pregnancy is checked with a pregnancy kit a long time after its manufacturing date, then the result can be wrong. There is no doubt about it.

If the pregnancy kit is not kept in the proper environment, it can spoil even before its expiry date.

What are the precautions to be taken while buying a pregnancy kit

One needs to be careful while buying a pregnancy kit. If you are careful, then you will be able to buy a good product, which will give you the right result, its chances will be 100 percent.

While buying a home pregnancy test kit, you have to take care of some small things which are like that.

  • While buying the pregnancy kit, also keep in mind that the pregnancy kit you have bought has been stored at 8 to 10 degree temperature only because the chemicals present in the pregnancy kit can get spoiled at higher temperature.

  • We must see the expiry date written on the pregnancy kit. Because if you use which one after the expiry date, then it is not necessary that it should do the right thing.

  • You should always use pregnancy kit of well known and standard company, the quality of material of pregnancy kit of local companies can be low, as well know established company does not compromise quickly with their product.

  • keep. If you buy the kit from a small shop, it may happen that they will give you pregnancy kit without cold store. It is also not necessary that they have cold storage.

  • Therefore, whenever you go to buy a kit, buy a pregnancy kit from a good big shop. By storing them inside the fridge etc.

How accurate is the result of pregnancy test kit

If you want to know whether a pregnancy test kit can be wrong, then you have to understand that a pregnancy test kit is a product. The result of the product depends on the fact that it is used in the right way at the right time. If you are taking care of all these things, then the pregnancy test kit results are almost 99% accurate.

There is a possibility of getting the result wrong only in some special circumstances. Pregnancy test kit is not very expensive. That's why doctors also advise you to confirm once more. Therefore its test result is considered to be the best. And checking pregnancy by any kind of method is comparatively difficult and expensive than checking pregnancy through pregnancy kit.


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How to buy pregnancy test kit

The pregnancy test kit is easily available to you at any medical store near you. If you do not have enough time to reach the medical store, then you can buy this type of pregnancy test kit online also.

 Which you get together in a packet of four to five or more. There is no need to buy pregnancy kits again and again. Your time is also saved.

While buying pregnancy kit online, keep in mind that you buy pregnancy test kit from a reliable website only.

pregnancy test kit price

Pregnancy test kits are easily available in the Indian market for a price ranging from ₹ 50 to ₹ 100. If you are looking to order home pregnancy test kit online, then you will not find 1  pregnancy test kit here.

You will have to order a packet of at least 5 or more pregnancy test kits. Which you can use comfortably for the next few months. Accordingly, its price is taken from you.

If you are hesitant to buy pregnancy test kit from the market, then you can easily order it online.
your questions and answers

Q. Have symptoms of pregnancy but pregnancy kit showing negative result?
If you are having symptoms of pregnancy, and the pregnancy kit result is showing negative, then it may be that you just have a hormonal imbalance problem. Because even in this stage there are symptoms of pregnancy. But pregnancy does not happen. The second stage may be that pregnancy hormones are not available in abundance in the woman's body, and pregnancy hormones are not coming in the woman's urine yet. If you check after 8 to 10 days after missing the period, then the pregnancy will be confirmed.

Q. Is the result changing after 10 minutes of checking with pregnancy test kit?
In checking pregnancy, the pregnancy test kit manufacturers recommend that the result of the pregnancy kit comes within 5 to 10 minutes. However, the result is visible even in 2 to 3 minutes. If you check the result from the pregnancy kit after a long time i.e. after 10 minutes, then it will not be considered as right.

Because the chemical present in the pregnancy kit can react with the environment and change the color of the lines that check pregnancy. If the line is not coming through, it may look light. If the line is visible, it may be light. 

Q. Sometimes pregnancy is confirmed in 10 days and sometimes after 15 days why?
Pregnancy confirmation through pregnancy kit is based on the presence of HCG hormones in the urine of the woman. In some women, pregnancy hormones are seen a little early in the body and in the body of some women, pregnancy hormones are initially produced in small amounts, later in abundance. Based on this, the pregnancy is confirmed by 5 or 10 days back and forth.

Q. What does light pink line mean in pregnancy test?
The light pink line inside the pregnancy test kit does not mean anything with the result. As long as the line indicating pregnancy does not appear dark, the pregnancy is not considered confirmed. The light pink line can also be seen due to the chemical reaction of the pregnancy kit from the environment or due to the vaporization of urine.

Q. How soon can I do a pregnancy test?
This question cannot be answered at all. Because it depends on the production amount of pregnancy hormones i.e. HCG hormone in the woman's body. And how quickly the amount of pregnancy hormone increases in the urine. If the pregnancy hormones in the woman's body are made a little early in the proper amount, then the pregnancy gets confirmed soon.

If this pregnancy hormone is made in the woman's body in excess quantity for a few days, then the pregnancy is confirmed later. Sometimes pregnancy hormones start being produced in the woman's body, but it does not come in that much quantity in the urine. So that pregnancy can be checked. It is believed that if you check your pregnancy any time after a week of missing your period, then the result is correct. However, in some women, the result is visible even sooner.

Q. Is doctor's advice necessary while using pregnancy test kit?
No doctor's advice is required in any way to check pregnancy through pregnancy home test kit. Pregnancy check does not give you health-related problems in any way. This is a very common thing. Yes, if the pregnancy is confirmed, then after that you need to consult a doctor.

Q. Even after 10 days of missing the period, if negative comes, what do you understand?
It is true that a woman misses her period when she is pregnant, but it is equally true that if the period is missed, it does not mean that the woman is pregnant. .
 A woman's period can be missed even without pregnancy.

The reason for this is that there is no balance of hormones in the body of the woman. In this situation, the woman should consult a doctor and seek treatment to correct the deteriorating condition of her hormones. Because if a woman is thinking of becoming a mother later or will become a mother, then it is very important to have a balance of hormones.

Q. Can pregnancy test kit go wrong?
Pregnancy test kit is being used by almost every woman who wishes to become a mother. It is very safe, and does not cause any health harm. Its result is correct only up to about 100 percent. In some special circumstances it gives wrong result.

If the kit is damaged, then on top of which is the indicator, that the kit is bad. Its result is not valid. Doctors always recommend to confirm one more time. So there is no doubt about the result of this.

Q. How to use pregnancy test kit?
Mainly every pregnancy test kit available in India gives results through urine. Every kit available in the market is developed by different manufacturers. So there is a difference in their result window as well, but this result window is quite user-friendly. And you also get its user manual available on the kit, how to use it. These kits are very easy to use.

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