Cause of back pain and best Yoga for back pain

There are a lot of people suffering from back pain, who can have back pain due to many reasons. we will discuss on what are the causes of back pain and the best yoga for back pain.

The main reasons for back pain are:

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Lack of calcium

The possibility of back pain (back pain) is mainly in people who are deficient in calcium in their body.
Mostly sitting for long hours – In today’s lifestyle, it has become necessary to sit and work for a long time. Due to which there is a lot of pressure on the back, and the problem of back pain is seen. In such a situation, such people are more likely to have back pain (back pain).

Suffering from Arthritis

Back pain (back pain) can also happen to people who suffer from Arthritis.
Such people should complete their Arthritis tests so that they do not have any serious diseases.

Seating posture is not correc

While sitting, we do not take care at all, that the way we sit is right, or wrong. In many ways, the way of sitting causes excessive pressure on the back, and the problem of back pain can begin.

Not to Exercise

Generally, it is believed that we should all do at least 15-30 minutes of exercise.

If a man exercises for 15 to half an hour daily, then all the above-mentioned problems provide relief in back pain. If a person adopts yoga in life, then he does not have problems like back pain and other problems.

Exercise proves to be helpful in making our body flexible.

Despite this, some people do not exercise, due to which they may have a lot of health problems including back pain (back pain).

Halasan is the best Yoga for back pain and highly beneficial in back pain problems.This fitness tip as well as yoga tip also.


Lie on your back on the ground and keep both palms on the ground. Keep the legs and feet of both the legs together. Slowly raise both legs upwards and move them behind the head at a 90-degree angle and keep the feet absolutely straight.

Keep your hands on the ground and keep the knees straight on the forehead, not bend. Breathe and release while remaining in the same position for 1-2 minutes.

Slowly return to the former position, while coming in the former position, keep the knees straight.

Yoga with Yoga Mat

Now You Know Best yoga for Back Pain. You should adopt yoga in your life and you will definitely get relief in problems like back pain.

If you are planning to do yoga, then first of all you have to have a yoga mat.

Yoga gives more support to your body than any other clothing. If you are completely new to the field of yoga, then having a yoga mat is a must.

This self helps your body many times when it is needed and you feel that you are able to do yoga very easily.

 Whereas you may have to face difficulty if you try yoga on ordinary clothes.

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