Best 6 exercises for the eyes

These days, where the time of most people is spent in front of the mobile, TV and computer, in such a situation, the eyes of people are also becoming weaker than before.

Everyone, from elders to young children, has a problem of weak eyes and low vision. In these circumstances, it is very important that you include correct but eye exercises in your daily routine, even if only 10 minutes.

Best 6 exercises for the eyes

Let us tell you about the Best 6 exercises for the eyes, which will increase the eyesight -

1. During work, close your eyes for a few minutes every 3 to 4 hours. You should keep repeating this process while sitting in front of the computer all day. Doing this gives your eyes a rest, which is a must.

2. Turn the pupils of your eye right-left and up-down as well as around, this exercises the eyes.

3. Place your thumb between the two eyebrows in the line of the eyes and keep the eyes at the same point for some time.

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4. Focus on a point in the eye line on the wall and try to do it slowly from short to long.

5. The process of staring out the flame of a lamp is called Trataka. This process increases the ability of the eyes as well as increases the concentration.

6. Walking on the green grass in the morning is beneficial for the eyes. Especially when there is dew on the grass. Also, take some time out for a walk on the grass.

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