Keep 4 things in mind, If you are online buying pregnancy dress

 Hello friends, through today's article, what should we be careful about in online buying a pregnancy dress. Going to talk about this. When a woman wants to order some pregnancy dresses online during pregnancy, then it is very important for her to take care of some small things.

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Let's start this article with small things.

online pregnancy dress or maternity dress purchasing keep these things in mind.

ऑनलाइन प्रेगनेंसी ड्रेस या मेटरनिटी ड्रेस परचेसिंग इन बातों का ध्यान रखें

Price Lure

Often women search for essential products online, but sometimes women do their harm by getting trapped in the wrong website in the greed of low price.

There are a lot of scams going on online too. They do this thing  with online advertisment. And by implicating simple people, they do the work of cheating money.

If you are seeing a very good product online, and you think that you will get this product at a very cheap rate. You must check once, on which website it is being sold. The website you trust or the name of the website you have heard well, buy product from the same website.

It is not that you will always get cheated online. You get good products at very low rates. But the website should be of trust.

Duplicate Website

Sometimes some people launch a website. And promote it tremendously. And very costly products promise to give very cheap price. Such a website may also look like a trusted website.

Therefore, you should understand the difference between a trusted website and a duplicate website.

Giving Duplicate Product

It is such from some websites that if you buy products from them, then they send you something very cheap. And when you contact them, it has come by mistake, make such an excuse. And ask you for a few days. During this, he cheats other customers, and within 1 month, he closes his website and phone number.

The lure of registration on a free product

Sometimes some websites make a website like a big website, and promise to give you a product very cheaply or for free. In return, they try to take all your information. This information is taken from you on the pretext of registration. such as --

  • your phone number
  • your email address
  • your current address

Will take all Even after promising to send the product on it, they will not send the product.

The main purpose of these is to take your email address and phone number, so that they can earn profit by selling them. Because whatever company will buy your email address and phone number from these, then they will call you in various ways to get loan, credit card or other service or change your sim or through your phone, email address to hack your bank, can try for.
No company sends you anything at a loss. How can you think that someone will give you an item of ₹ 500 for ₹ 100.

Some trusted websites

Therefore, if you want to know the names of some trusted websites, then we would like to suggest you the name of Flipkart and Amazon. Because they have their own courier service, and the return policy is also very good.

 It is not that there is not a good website apart from these two. Apart from these, you will get more than 100 good websites which are running very good ecommerce business in India. There are many websites like Mantra, Snapdeal, Paytm, TATA and many more.

Apart from these, you should keep many and small things in mind while purchasing online. We will talk to you about that in another post.

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