5 rules of exercise

Rules of exercise are good for focused exercise and exercising is good for health, but ignoring its rules can be equally bad. To avoid this, you must know those 5 rules of exercise, which you should know about physical exercise .

If we are starting to exercise, then we have to keep these five things in mind.

     5 rules of exercise

1) Warmup -

The warmup is mandatory before starting the exercise so that your body can be fully prepared for the exercise. If you ignore the warm-up, it can be harmful to your body.

2) Form -
The form or type of exercise you are doing, do it according to the rules, as stated. Do not make any changes at all according to yourself, otherwise, your body may suffer this.
3) For beginners -
avoid overdosing in the initial days of exercising and do exercises as per the trainer. Doing more than what is said during a week can hurt the body. 

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 4) Age -
Exercise is beneficial for our age, but choose the exercise according to your age and before starting, please consult the experts. If you have health problems, take special care of it and discuss it with the experts.

5) Diet -
Take special care of exercise as well as diet and opt for fast-digesting protein and carbohydrates. It helps in building muscles along with the supply of amino acids in the body.

These are very important and basic rules of physical Exercise.

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