4 exercises to remove facial fat | Only 10 minutes Daily

By the way, with the regular practice of yoga, all the body fat gets lost. But many times people are troubled by excess fat stored around their face. The double chin near the neck also eclipses the beauty of the face. If you want to To remove facial fat, then make these special Yogasans a part of your daily routine.

The practice of these yoga poses makes the face look beautiful and thin. However, by doing simple yoga postures daily, every part of the body reduces an equal amount of fat and the body becomes healthy.

remove fat from face

To exercise a lion face, open the mouth as much as you can, then take the tongue out, exhale. Open your eyes as much as you can. Stay in this state for two to three minutes.

After this, come in normal posture and take deep long breaths. By doing this Asana, tension arises in the muscles around the neck and they are reduced.

remove fate from neck

Sit in a steady position, then rotate the neck clockwise and then anti-clockwise. By doing this exercise, get rid of the fat accumulated around the neck. Do this 10 times daily.

Face exercise

To remove facial fat take a deep breath and fill the mouth with so much air, as to fill the balloon with air. Stay in this posture for five seconds. Now press the right cheek for five seconds and then the left cheek. Then come back to normal posture. Repeat this process five to eight times.

best face exercise for remove fat

To remove facial fat bring your lips together and rotate your lips in both directions, making the shape of fish and let this process remain for 10 seconds. It also provides relief from the double chin and facial fat. This type of pose is often made by girls while taking selfies, but this pose is also a kind of facial exercise.

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