3 best Ovulation kit in India, You can buy online

 Today we are talking about 3 best ovulation kit in India. Most of the information about ovulation kit in India is lacking. But gradually now the awareness about ovulation test kits is increasing and now its use is increasing gradually.

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Today we are going to talk to you about 3 best seller ovulation kit online to know women's fertile window.

Importance of ovulation predictor kit

Nowadays life has become very fast. The couple gets very little time. In such a situation, for such a couple who have very little time, and wish to have children. An ovulation predictor kit is no less than a boon for them.

Many times couples trying to conceive a baby but they don't know right time to concive.

Basically, the ovulation strip helps to know the most fertile time or best fertile days in any woman's monthly cycle, When the egg in the woman's body is completely ready for pregnancy. There are only 24 hours in a monthly cycle when a woman is actually pregnant, that is called day of ovulation. It provides information about those 24 hours (fertile-period of women).

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How ovulation kit works

When the egg is ready for pregnancy in the woman's body, 24 to 48 hours before that, the production of LH hormones (luteinizing hormone) in the woman's body increases.

This LH hormone is detected by the ovulation strip, and it is detected that the woman's ovulation period is going to go on for the next 24 to 48 hours. During this, a woman can become pregnant by having an unprotected relationship.

A woman has a monthly period between 24 and 40 days. During this, it is a difficult task to know the day on which a woman can become pregnant. The same work is done by the ovulation test kit. So gradually its demand is increasing.

How to use the Ovulation Test kit

There are 5 strips inside a kit, and there is a cycle of about 30 days, so in which 5 days to do this test, This has to be assessed before using the ovulation kit. 

For this, you can get knowledge about those 5 days with the help of an online ovulation calculator. Because these 5 days are called the ovulation period. In these 5 days, those 24 hours are detected by the ovulation kit, which are the most fertile days for pregnancy. actually, an ovulation kit is used to get actual ovulation time in the ovulation period.

Today we are giving you information about the 3 best ovulation test kit in India. that you can buy online.

How ovulation kit works

When the woman's ovulation period begins, that is, the egg is about to become available for fertilization, before that the amount of LH hormone increases in the woman's body.

 By tracking the amount of this hormone, the ovulation kit gives you information about those 24 hours of the ovulation period, when a woman can become a mother.

The ovulation strip detects the surge of LH hormone in the body, which occurs before ovulation. This indicates that your best days to get pregnant have started and having unprotected sex for the next 2-3 days increases your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

1. Recombigen ovulation test kit

The LH hormone in the urine of normal women rises in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation testing gives a woman a higher chance of predicting her most fertile days, even if the length of her cycle is variable.


Buy Recombigen ovulation test kit

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You are not aware of when the LH hormones will increase in a monthly cycle. That's why you will get 10 strips in this Recombigen ovulation test kit. Due to which it is easy for you to find out the ovulation period.

2. i know Ovulation Kit

i Know Ovulation Kit detects the surge of LH hormone in the body, which occurs before ovulation. The LH hormone rises 24 hours before the start of the ovulation period. This indicates that your best fertile days to get pregnant have begun, and can work to ensure pregnancy by having unprotected matings for the next 2-3 days.

i-Know Ovulation Kit - How to Buy

Through urine, it works to know the amount of LH hormones. Which you can easily understand through the picture given below.

i-Know Ovulation Kit कैसे काम करती है

As the amount of LH hormones increases in the urine, this kit keeps you informed about its increase, and you can proceed for pregnancy.

You will get it with 5 strips.

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3. Ovlo Ovulation Test Kit for Women

Like other Ovulation Test Kits work on the basis of LH hormones, and detect the ovulation period by urine. In the same way, this ovulation predictor kit also works.

It is considered to be a premium quality ovulation kit. Its cost comes a little more than the cost of other ovulation kits. There are 5 strips inside it. With this, you will be able to find out the ovulation date or ovulation time.

Ovlo Ovulation Test Kit for Women

The mechanism of this ovulation test kit is slightly different as compared to other ovulation kits, although it is quite user-friendly and is easily detected.

Some things to keep in mind while using this ovulation strip such as -

    Find out the ovulation date with this kit only after 12:00 in the day.
    Before using this kit, you must know about your expected ovulation cycle.
    Do not spill urine on the display window of the ovulation test stick or else an invalid result may come.

Take care of these little things.


The need for the couple to have a regular relationship for pregnancy is emphasized. But after the logic of the ovulation predictor kits comes, if you try to make a relationship at the right time, then the chances of pregnancy increase very much.

 Couples should try for pregnancy only when they can provide proper time to the child. It is necessary. Before using the kit, it is very important for the woman to know her expected ovulation period, which is about 4 to 5 days. The ovulation time, between these 4 to 5 days, is detected through the ovulation kit.

Ovulation kit detects LH surge in urine. Using an ovulation kit is not harmful in any way. According to statistics, the ovulation strip is capable of giving accurate results up to 99%. If you do not see its benefit, then no harm will be done to you at all. So gradually its demand is increasing. 

Ovulation test strips is call fertility specialist but if women have irregular periods or irregular cycles, there may be a problem in checking fertile time with Ovulation kit. Pregnancy Test Strips Only Healthy Woman Help To Calculate Ovulation Day.

Your question

Q. We are trying to get pregnant and performing intercourse well but no pregnancy?

ANS: There are only 24 hours in a monthly cycle when a woman's egg comes from the ovary to the fallopian tube. At that time, making a relation leads to pregnancy. This time can be detected through ovulation kit.

Q. No issue with reproductive system and not a infertility problem but no pregnancy why?

ANS: If the couple has intercourse during the ovulation period, then pregnancy will happen. For this, you have to know your fertile window by finding out your ovulation period from ovulation kit.

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