Why women to know about Garbh Sanskar?

 We are talking from the perspective of Garbh Sanskar. In modern times, slowly again the mind of the Indian public has started moving toward the spiritual.

As science is progressing, everyone is understanding that Sanatan culture is a science in itself. And most of the religious work mentioned inside it is inspired by science somewhere. Similarly, Garbh Sanskar is such a rite, which has been made keeping in mind the health of the fetus.

Modern scientists have started to believe that the fetus starts taking knowledge from its mother's womb itself. As the mind will be of the mother, as will the environment around the mother, the child adopts the same and moves forward in life.

As modern research is progressing. By the way, awareness about Garbh Sanskar is increasing. Again the importance of Garbh Sanskar is being understood.

From the arrival of the baby in the womb to the age of about 2 years, whatever work a mother should do keeping in mind the health of the baby. A family should do it. That is called Garbh Sanskar. Sanskar means action.

How to perform Garbh Sanskar by Women itself without expert

Impotrance of Garbh Sanskar

According to Sanatan culture, 16 Sanskar have been told for every human being from life to death. The first Sanskar for any human being is the Garbh Sanskar.

The biggest concern of any pregnant mother is her baby. She is always concerned about his safety as well as his health.

A mother always wants her child to be strong. Have a sharp mind. And he should not have problems related to any kind of congenital disease. His immune system should be strong. Mother worries about many such things.

When any mother follows the rules of Garbh Sanskar, then many of her problems are automatically resolved such as -----

  • Whatever measures the mother has to take for the development of the fetus, how her brain should be developed. All of them are described in the Garbh Sanskar.

  • You also get information about what type of food a pregnant mother should take from the point of view of the health of her fetus.

  • How a pregnant mother should adjust her lifestyle, this information also comes under Garbh Sanskar.

  • If the mother takes tension about something, how does it affect the baby? You will also know this.

  • From the point of view of the health of the child, you will also get information about your food and exercise etc.

  • In the Garbh Sanskar, mainly the woman is told about the rites of being healthy. Because the woman will be healthy then the fetus will be healthy automatically.

    Best Books For Garbh Sanskar

How to perform Garbh Sanskar by Women

The womb rites are a complete science in itself. It contains religious, spiritual, Ayurvedic, health, psychological, food science, etc. Many types of experts are required in this.

The trend of Garbh Sanskar became extinct from Indian society. But as modern science, it is returning again. Currently, its professional is not easily available.

According to any Brahmin religion, Garbh Sanskar is worshiped in the house.
A psychologist follows Garbh Sanskar according to him.
A doctor follows the Garbh Sanskar from your health point of view.

If you have any experts related to Garbh Sanskar, then you can take opinions from them and carry forward the action of pregnancy.

Otherwise, a fairly easy solution is that many experts have been given Garbh Sanskar in the form of a book.

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