Why Jute Yoga Mat is Best Mat for Yoga - review

The practice of jute yoga mat has been increasing gradually since a few years ago. This is a good mat for yoga. If you don’t know anything about Jute Yoga Mat, or you have not heard about Jute Yoga Mat, then we will try to increase your knowledge in this regard through this article.

This yoga mat made from natural materials gives you stability while doing hard yoga, that is, it does not spoil your balance, it is not slippery at all. It also has the ability to absorb your sweat.

Natural Jute yoga mat


Why Use A Jute Yoga Mat

Jute is a natural fiber from which many types of objects are made, from which clothes are made to rope and many other things that are used prominently in daily life. It is the second predominantly natural fiber after cotton.

Another natural fiber for making yoga mats, which we call rubber. It is used. But it is received at a relatively higher price. Therefore, yoga made from jute at lower prices is more in vogue.

There are some reasons to use jute yoga mats such as

  • Some people are allergic to latex, meaning latex is a natural substance that many yoga people may be allergic to and they cannot use rubber yoga mats for this reason, so jute yoga mats are a must for them. Is a good choice.

  • For those who want a yoga mat made of good natural fiber for a low price, Jute Yoga Mat is a very good option.

  • Jute is an anti-heat material, it feels hot in winter and cold in summer.

  • Jute fiber weighs less, so it gives a much lighter feel. There is not much difficulty when moving from one place to another.

  • This yoga mat proves to be a very good option if you are doing yoga in soft places like seaside sand, grassland or only on the soil surface.

  • It reduces sweat by absorbing your body moisture.

  • Those who want to do hard yoga on soft surface in which balance matters very much. Such yoga can be done easily on a jute mat.

  • Along with all this, one of its advantages is that it can be washed and cleaned very easily. It does not spoil quickly with water. If dirty, it can be washed with water, it gets cleaned again.

  • It is very portable mat. It weighs only 3,4 pounds, it can be folded and moved easily from one place to another, and there is no loss in it.

Where there are so many benefits of jute mat, there are some disadvantages as well,

such as it absorbs your sweat, that is, it has the ability to absorb liquid. So it absorbs any type of liquid. Due to which it becomes dirty quickly. Secondly, the dust particles inside it also dissolve very quickly.

If some yoga lovers have any kind of allergy to jute fibers then it is harmful for them.

Jute is a natural substance. So it gets weaker and worse over time. This property is found in almost every natural substance. Although it will support you for a long time compared to synthetic materials, but its natural properties are more beneficial than synthetic materials.

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These types of yoga mats are easily available in the market or online for standard length and width. Even if you are tall, yoga mats are easily available online according to your length. 

Soft jute yoga mats are also easily available for those people who have pain in their hands, feet or knees, and are wanting to do yoga. You can purchase thick or thin yoga mats as per your requirement from the market.

Keeping in mind the needs of Indian yoga lovers, we have some yoga mats as follows. You can learn more about these yoga mats, read their reviews and choose the best yoga mat for yourself.

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