Why Garbh Sanskar is important for the fetus

According to ancient Indian culture and religious beliefs, Garbh Sanskar is a method of attaining divine progeny. According to ancient beliefs or according to the belief of modern medical sciences, the fetus starts receiving education from the age of 3 months in the mother's womb.

So it is clear here that 6 months baby learns a lot in the mother's body. When the child is learning in the mother's womb, then he should learn all that is necessary. This is described as Garbh Sanskar.

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Divine child from Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar can provide the pride of being the mother of a stunning baby for any pregnant mother. The development of the brain of any fetus depends to a great extent on the feelings, thoughts, diet and environment of the pregnant woman. This is something that no one takes seriously these days.

According to neuroscientists, if a pregnant woman gets angry for half an hour, she laments. So during that time the development of the brain of her fetus stops completely. If the woman does this continuously, then the baby in the womb is born with less intellectual capacity.

Because the brain of any fetus is made up of neuro cells. More amount of neuro cells means that the intellectual development of the baby is believed to be more.

Similarly, every type of development of the fetus, whether related to the brain, whether it is physical development, is always related to the activities of the woman. And wrong activities hinder the development of the child. Garbh Sanskar always guides you towards the right activities.
For many such small things, a woman should follow the rules of Garbh Sanskar.

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Why Garbh Sanskar is important for the fetus

Meaning of Garbh Sanskar

Garbha Sanskar means every event that happens in the 280 days from conception to delivery, the thoughts of the pregnant, her mood, her communication with the fetus, happiness, sorrow, fear, struggle, lamentation, food, medicines, knowledge, ignorance and All thoughts like Dharma and Adharma dominate the mentality of the child to come.

Another scientific doctor of America, Dr. Peter Nathanjil, after his study, has come to the conclusion that during pregnancy, due to changes in diet, lack of diet, or bad diet, the fetus gets many diseases. What health problems can happen in the future life of the baby, its foundation is laid during pregnancy itself.

Best Books For Garbh Sanskar

What are the common things women should keep in mind?

The mother should keep in mind that in her womb, the brain of the baby is directly connected with the brain of the woman. That's why a woman needs to work a lot on her feelings. Think positive. Think meaningfully, if you talk to the child, then do meaningful things.

The fetus may not have knowledge of the language, but it can understand emotions very well. So keep that in mind.

Nutrients related to the health of the child and the development of the brain must be in the diet of the woman. If the woman is not aware of this, then she can get information in this regard from the doctor but pay attention to the food.

How to perform Garbh Sanskar for a pregnant mother

Garbh Sanskar is a complete science in itself. It includes religious, spiritual, Ayurvedic, health, psychological, food science, etc. It requires a variety of experts.

The practice of Garbh Sanskar had become extinct from Indian society. But it is coming back again in the form of modern science. Currently, its professional is not easily available.

According to any Brahmin religion, Garbha Sanskar Puja is recited at home.
A psychologist follows Garbh Sanskar according to him.
A doctor follows Garbh Sanskar from the point of view of your health.

If you have any experts available related to Garbh Sanskar, then you can take their advice of them and proceed with the process of Garbh Sanskar.

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Otherwise, a very easy solution is also that the method of Garbh Sanskar by many experts has been compiled and given the form of a book by compiling the work to be done in it.

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