How to choose a yoga mat

 If you are interested in yoga, you will need a yoga mat, and how to choose a yoga mat. 

Yoga mats come in many types of lengths and textures and are made from many different materials. 

If you want a yoga mat, you should consider several factors. Think about your personal needs, especially in relation to the type of yoga you do. 

You should also think about the type of content you want. Also, think about the physical aspects of the mat such as texture and thickness.

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Keeping in mind your needs for Yoga Mat

Physical requirements

Consider your body type. Yoga mats are selected depending on your body's needs.
If your joints ache easily, you may need a thick mat. Thick mats, or mats with extra padding, can be easy on joints. Standard yoga mats are 1/8 of an inch thick, but go up to 1/4 of an inch. If you prefer more cushioning then consider a thicker mat.

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The length of you

If you are tall then take care of the length. A standard yoga mat is 68 inches long, but this yoga mat will not be enough for you when you are tall. So you need an extra-length yoga mat. Do pay attention to this.

Physical inability

If you have any type of injury, pay attention to it. For example, if you have a knee problem, you want a thicker mat to pad your knees. Look at your type of yoga keeping in mind your needs. The type of yoga you are doing can also affect which type of mat you should buy. Consider your yoga level before purchasing a mat.

What type of yoga do you want to do

If you are new to yoga, then it is fine to go with low-quality mats. Because you will not have to do more difficult yoga yet, at the same time you do not even know what kind of yoga you will be able to do.

What kind of yoga will not be good for you?

For how long you will stay in yoga, you will not even know about all these things. Therefore you will not want to invest in expensive equipment.

Body's response to yoga

Also, as you find out how your body responds to yoga, you will be better able to find your individual needs. Now you do not know your requirements, so you can buy an inexpensive mat, as soon as you have knowledge of your requirements, then you buy an expensive mat.

Your standard in Yoga

Within mature yoga classes, you will have to do more typical asanas. Your body movements will be quite difficult. You will need more force and flexibility. Not only this, but you also need a lot of help from your yoga mat.

It should not be slippery at all. He soaks up your sweat easily. There should not be any kind of extra force on your body through the ground. Given all these requirements, you should select a Yoga Mat.

Where are you doing yoga

While buying yoga mats, you also have to pay attention to where you will do yoga. If you are doing what you are doing at home, then you do not need to pay any attention to the weight of the mat. Once the mat is thick or thin, you have to bring it at home. Therefore, you will not pay attention to this factor. If you have to do yoga outside the house, and you have to take your yoga mat daily, then you also need to pay attention to its thickness. So that it can be carried with great ease.

While buying a yoga mat, you also have to pay attention to what kind of surface you will do yoga on. 

If you do yoga on a surface made of cement, then you need a relatively thick yoga. 

If you do yoga on the seaside sand, a relatively thin yoga mat will also help you do yoga comfortably, or if you do yoga in the grassland, or do yoga on the soil surface, the mat will be relatively thin. 

It is required in yoga. If you go to a yoga class, sometimes there are yoga mats, then you do not need a yoga mat. if there is already a mat on the surface, then you do not need too much thick yoga mat on top of it.

Choose a material

Beware of PVC mats. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most commonly used materials for making yoga mats. However, it has a poor reputation in the yoga community as some studies indicate that it may be a carcinogen. It is also difficult to recycle. If your mat gets old and goes bad, you just have to throw it away. If you are a health-conscious person, you may want to avoid PVC mats.

Try a rubber mat. Many people prefer mats made of natural rubber.

Use a padded mat. Padded mats are much softer and more comfortable than regular yoga mats.

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