Buy 8 Best computer mice under ₹400

Today we are talking about, Good quality mouse at a price of up to ₹ 400.
As we all know, India's electronic market is huge. Therefore good products are available in the market even in less range.

However, if you are looking for a mouse within the range of ₹400, then your options become a bit limited. But even within this range, you will find very good quality mice.

The mouse should be as per your requirement. You should know what kind of work you have to do with the mouse. On the basis of that, you can buy a good mouse of your choice and at your budget.

Through this article, we will help you to choose a good budget mouse for you. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you.

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While choosing a mouse, keep in mind whether you want a normal mouse or whether you are buying a mouse for gaming purposes. The Mouse used for gaming purposes are of very high quality. Their capabilities are greater. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to get a mouse for gaming purposes in less than ₹ 400.

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Although there are a lot of games you can play with a simple mouse too, you'll love it.

We all know that the mouse is very important in any desktop computer. Without it, it is very difficult to operate the computer quickly. Even laptops require a mouse. Many users are not able to work easily even in a laptop without a mouse.

We are presenting to you a range of premium quality mice under ₹ 400. Till the time of writing the article, their cost is less than ₹ 400. The price of the mouse may fluctuate in the future. You have to understand this too.

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List Best Mouse under 400 rupees with premium quality   

  • HP X1000
  • Dell MS116
  • Lenovo 300
  • iBall Style 63
  • Redgear A-10
  • Logitech M90
  • ENTWINO USB Wired Gaming Mouse
  • Zebronics Zeb

Whether you are looking for a wireless or wired mouse or mouse for gaming purposes or just for office work, you will find all types of mice in this list. I have in my mind all the necessary things like

  • build quality,
  • optical sensor,
  • wire length,
  • Comfort

Keeping these things in mind, we have prepared a list of Mouse, which are presented in front of you, so that you can choose the best mouse according to your need. You know your needs. With that in mind, you can choose a good mouse out of all these mice.

Some good mice under ₹400

1. Dell MS116

Dell MS116 comes with LED tracking feature along with excellent performance. Whether you want to do office work, or homework, then MS116 can be the right choice for you.

Know about Current Price

With the precise 1000 dpi optical tracking of the mice, you can do your office work continuously without any problem. The MS116 mice.

fit snugly in the hand, allowing you to work comfortably for long hours. The mouse comes with two buttons along with a scroll wheel. Those who do their work properly as per the requirement.

Dell MS116 supports all PCs and laptops with USB ports. All you need to do is plug the mice wire into the USB jack and your system will connect to the mice.

Key Features
  • 1600 DPI Optical sensor 
  • Ideal for office and educational work
  • Comfortable doing work for a long time
  • Cable Length: 1.8 meter 
  • Color is Black

2. HP X1000

The HP X1000 mice come with an attractive design and 1600 DPI optical tracking. With this mouse your work will become easier and faster. This is a wired mouse. So you do not need to do any other work, such as installing the software.

Simply plug the wire into the PC's USB port and your mouse will be connected.

Not made for Mac operating system. It works only on windows operating system. If the Mac operating system is working on your computer, then you should not buy this mouse at all.

The HP X1000 computer comes with three buttons for navigating the screen and a rubber scroll wheel. It is small in size. Its size may bother you.

Key Features
  • Glossy and metallic finish
  • 1600 DPI Optical tracking
  • Rubber scroll wheel
  • Good for office and educational work
  • Can work for a long time.
  • Color is Black

3. Lenovo 300

With the help of 1600 dpi optical sensor, you can enjoy the ease in your work. Lenovo 300 gives great performance. It will never disappoint you with its performance.

You will be able to do your work for a long time without any problem. The Lenovo 300 fits comfortably in the hand, which makes it capable of working for long hours. You can play basic games along with your official or domestic work with these mice.

This model also comes with a wired keyboard at a different cost. You can also buy a wireless mouse of this model. But its cost is much more than the cost of wired Lenovo 300 mouse.

Key Features
  • 1600 DPI Optical sensor- 1600 DPI optical sensor
  • Good for office and educational work
  • Can do basic gaming
  • Comfortable doing work for long hours
  • Color is Black & Orange Wheel

4. iBall Style 63

iBall manufactures many computer and electronic devices such as power banks, keyboards, mouse, speakers, monitors etc. iBall Style 63 is a wired optical mouse. Comes with 1600 dpi optical tracking, which serves to enhance its functionality.

Mouse Current Price

It is designed in such a way that you can use it for a long time. You will not experience any trouble. Anti-slippery material has been used over it. Because of this, its grip is quite good. The stylish iBall Style 63 mouse fits snugly in the hand.

Key Features  
  • 1600 DPI Optical sensor
  • Comes with a comfortable design
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Lightweight. 69 g
  • Good build quality
  • Color is Black

5. Redgar A 10

Basically, it is a wired gaming mouse. In which there is some LED light. If you are looking for gaming mouse under Rs 400, then you can give preference to this mouse. It comes with variations up to 2400 dpi. It works on all games. This is a light and comfortable mouse. If someone likes to do gaming with it, then they can buy it. It is not for high-end games. So don't expect too much from it.

Mouse Current Price

Key Features
  • Unique Design Under 400
  • light gaming mouse
  • DPI change up to 2400
  • Light in weight
  • handy and Comfortable

6. Logitech M90

Logitech is particularly known for its computer output devices such as keyboard, mouse and speakers. M90 is Logitech company's budget mouse under Rs 400. The M90 mouse comes with high-definition 1000 DPI optical tracking, which makes the mouse work smoothly.

Mouse Current Price

No software is required to install the mouse in the computer. Just plug it into the computer and it will start working. It's quite easy. The cursor control of the logistic mouse is quite smooth. Do your office work or other work smoothly without any interruption.

Key Features
  • 1000 DPI Optical sensor tracking
  • Ideal for official work and educational work
  • Cursor control is very smooth
  • The cable Length is good approx. 1.8 meter
  • Color is Black
  • Lightweight with 82 g

7. ENTWINO USB Wired Gaming Mouse

The ENTWINO USB Wired Gaming Mouse is designed for gamers who enjoy a whole new level of gaming and want to enhance their gameplay. It will amaze you with its exquisite design, high precision, and functionality. In a gaming world where milliseconds matter, the ENTWINO D1 mice is one of the fastest gaming mice.

For better grip and comfort during long gaming sessions, the mouse surface is textured with anti-slip and anti-sweat textures. In addition to its ergonomic design, the mouse fits snugly in your hand, preventing unnecessary stress on your hand, and allowing for a comfortable grip and a pleasant gaming experience even during long games.

ENWINO Wired Gaming Mouse is worth buying if you like this product. Its design is attractive and comfortable as well as offers a high DPI for gaming convenience. You will also love its RGB LED lights which create a perfect gaming environment. The mouse is plug and play and you can enjoy its features instantly without any hassle.

Till the time of writing this article, it was available for less than Rs.300 with 70% off.

Key Features
  • Up to 3200 DPI 
  • RGB Light 
  • Color is Black

8. Zebronics Zeb

The Zebronics Zeb is a USB wireless mouse that comes with 4 buttons. It comes with 2.4GHz stable connection with 1600 DPI optical tracking. Zeb Mouse does not consume battery when not in use, thanks to its smart power-saving feature.

Current Mouse Price

This mouse comes in two color options Black and White for the same price. You can work long hours without getting tired, as it comes with an ergonomic and comfortable design. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You get 1 year warranty, starting from the date of purchase.

Key Features
  • 2.4GHz wireless transmission with a stable connection
  • Ergonomic design - Convenience pattern
  • Ideal for office and educational work
  • Comfortable to work
  • 1600 DPI optical sensor
  • Mouse available in two colors, White and Black


Selecting a good quality mouse for less than ₹ 400 is a difficult task. No good wireless mouse comes quickly in this range. Most of the mice which are of good quality are not wireless.

 That's why you should not think of going for a wireless mouse for under ₹ 400. You should go for a wired mouse for less than ₹ 400, this is my advice.

There are some other good mice that you will get online till now for less than ₹ 400 which are as follows.

Live Tech Ambush is a gaming mouse, which can give you a good gaming experience at a low cost.

The products of Logitech company are quite reliable, especially the mouse comes of very good quality. You can count on them. Also, you can rely on the mouse of a company like Dell, iBall and HP, etc. Because it is a well-known company in the electronic field, and their products are reliable.

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