Benefits of Garbh Sanskar to the unborn child

 As modern science is progressing. By the way, once again the importance of Garbh Sanskar is increasing in the society. Nowadays, as the population is increasing. However, there is a shortage of resources. In such a situation it has become necessary to make the best.

Parents now start preparing it from the time of conception through Garbh Sanskar. Garbh Sanskar plays an important role in giving a strong body, and strong mind to the child.

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What is Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar is one of the 16 sanskars prescribed for human beings. This is very important. It is highly beneficial for physical development, for the development of the brain of the fetus.
If Garbh Sanskar is described in fewer words, then it means educating the child from the time of conception.

Many rites have been told to make the child educated and healthy in every way from the time of pregnancy. Following them is called Garbh Sanskar. Here sanskar means action.

Benefits of Garbh Sanskar to the unborn child

Benefits of Garbh Sanskar

It may sound a bit different, but the bonding between a fetus and mother begins with the development of the baby's brain. And the uterus baby starts learning from the mother.

The health of the mother has a great impact on the unborn baby. The positive thinking and very good mood of the woman benefits the woman's body as well as the fetus.

The woman should listen to soft music. This is also told in the Garbh Sanskar. This has a positive effect on the development of the baby. For example, melodious tunes of veena, flute etc. are beneficial for the child. It accelerates the child's brain and character development. Has a positive effect on the mind.

Experts encourage certain practices of Garbh sanskar, saying that talking to your baby, listening to good music and reading educative books can have many benefits during pregnancy. Some of which are as follows-

  • Baby being more active at birth

  • Better bonding of the baby with the parents,

  • Baby sleep well,

  • Having a Good confidence,

  • Active baby,

  • Baby responds better when breastfeeding.

If a woman performs Garbh Sanskar in her life during pregnancy then -

  • This also increases the immunity of the baby, and you are protected from many diseases.

  • Experts say that yoga, music and diet have a positive effect on the child.

  • A child born through the method of Garbh Sanskar is practical and good habits come from birth.

  • The child receives countless benefits of Garbh Sanskar throughout his life. Therefore, the expectant mother should keep as much information as possible about the Garbh Sanskar.

  •  There are many such myths which are told in the society regarding pregnancy till now. They break down too. And many worries end from the mind of the mother.

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How to perform Garbh Sanskar for a pregnant mother

Garbh Sanskar is a complete science in itself. It includes religious, spiritual, Ayurvedic, health, psychological, food science, etc. It requires a variety of experts.

The Practice of Garbh Sanskar had become extinct from Indian society. But it is coming back again in the form of modern science. Currently, its professional is not easily available.

According to any Brahmin religion, Garbha Sanskar Puja is recited at home.
A psychologist follows Garbh Sanskar according to him.
A doctor follows Garbh Sanskar from the point of view of your health.

If you have any experts available related to Garbh Sanskar, then you can take their advice of them and proceed with the process of Garbh Sanskar.

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Otherwise, a very easy solution is also that the method of Garbh Sanskar by many experts has been compiled and given the form of a book by compiling the work to be done in it.

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